A Nolan Bastards Duet by Amy Olle


This angsty second chance romance is ready for you to binge! This collection contains the first 2 books in The Nolan Bastards series (HER WICKED STEPBROTHER and SAINT) and includes Aiden and Brynn’s complete story, from their spicy meet cute to their happily ever after.


My stepbrother hates me.

That’s fine, because I hate him too.

I hate his crooked smile and the way he looks at me, like he’s a sugar addict and I’m the last cupcake on earth. I hate that he makes me feel like I’m more than that lost little girl whose mom didn’t want her, then leaves and doesn’t come home again for days.

And I really, really hate that he flirts with other girls.

A lot of other girls.

But it’s fine. Really, it is. Soon, he’ll be leaving to attend university on the other side of the world, and I’ll only have to see him on holidays and at the rare family get-together. It’ll all be just fine.

As long as I don’t fall in love with him.


They think he’s perfect. That, like the saint he’s named after, he can do no wrong. They don’t bother to look past his dark beauty and seductive charm.

But I do. I know the truth about him.

Twelve years after leaving me, broken and alone, my stepbrother has returned. But he hasn’t come to make amends for wrecking me.

He’s come to finish the job.

Now, my dad wants to give him the family business—the business I helped build through the grief and the pain of losing Aiden, and so much more. My stepbrother has already taken everything from me, and I’ll be damned if he’s going to take this too.

Things are different now. I’m different. I’m not that naïve little virgin who gave him her whole heart. I no longer believe in fairy tales, and the only happily ever after I’m interested in ends with his downfall.

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