A New Ending by Alyssa Dean Copeland


They dreamed of finding partners as perfect as each other.

Will time, duty, and wicked foes ruin their chances at happiness?

Denver, Colorado, Present. Rachel Weber is just about ready to give up on romance. Frustrated with her job and life, she’s stunned when an unexpected encounter with an art student offers hope for a better future. But when she slips and hits her head, the modern-day woman suddenly finds herself in the warm embrace of a gorgeous Sixteenth-Century baron.

Gloucestershire, England, 1564. Alexander Dohetry craves true love. Betrothed to a woman he doesn’t like, he’s caught off-guard when he rescues a beautiful lady falling out of a tree. And when his heart is quickly enraptured, he must decide between his sworn obligation and the wife he’s always desired.

Developing feelings for the handsome nobleman, Rachel is torn when her only chance home is in league with the gentle aristocrat’s sinister fiancée. And as Alexander struggles to find a solution to his dilemma, he fears whichever destiny he chooses will end in despair.

Will the star-crossed couple pave a way to secure their ageless bond?

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