A Motherless Child by Faith Isabel Bloom


The end of the fighting for France comes much swifter than anyone could have imagined and within weeks of the invasion, the country has surrendered, and German troops now occupy Paris. With Philippe shot in the leg and unable to evacuate the city in time, the couple is now stuck, and with no means of escape, they decide to tough it out.

As they adapt and adjust to life under German occupation, an unexpected incident suddenly gives them a new perspective and responsibility. Adeline, Claire’s outspoken friend, is taken away by German soldiers and begs Claire to care for her child before she goes, not knowing when or if she will ever return.

Claire and Philippe agree, seeing this as not just a way of helping a friend, but as a chance to have the family life they so desperately wanted once more.

But can they remain happy and content with life in such circumstances? As Philippe becomes more embittered by his injury, he begins to change. He still loves Claire, of course, but the war is beginning to take a toll on him and there are times when he wonders if they will ever be at peace again.

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