A Mafia Boss Got Me: Tony by Just Bae


For Ciara Jackson, the future is dark. Her family is in debt, so she will live with New York’s toughest mob boss for two weeks to pay off everything.

Now that her father is deep in the hole with their family’s soul food restaurant, Ciara is the only person who can save her family from ruin. . . or not. She can only look at her reflection in the mirror as she prepares to give herself over to Mr. DiNapoli.

First impressions last. . .

As Tony DiNapoli navigates the murky waters of New York’s underworld, he finds himself caught between a bad marriage and a bad life. A made man, a boss, and no one to mess over—his reputation is as dark as his suits and ties.

Following their arrangement, Ciara discovers Tony’s every bit as rude and charming as he is handsome. She does not care for the man or any of the things he stands for, despite the fact that her heart now patters like rain against glass when he’s nearby or the chill that runs down her spine when she hears his voice.

“I always feel like he’s nearby.”

It is her job to do what she is told.

This dangerous man makes Ciara feel sexier than a man should.

The Brooklyn girl finds herself enjoying the moment of being swept up by her surroundings after accepting his terms and additional time for misbehavior. Nonetheless, even if Tony were Ciara’s to keep, who can fall in love with a mob boss who doesn’t know value anything above himself and his business?

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