A Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s by Lisa Daniels


I have a new duty – to protect another from harm.

I’m a witch, and I have to work with a werewolf to bodyguard a teenage girl with leprechaun blood.
Actual leprechauns are extinct, but you still have their bloodline showing up in people like this girl.

Her leprechaun blood is a secret, and there are many enemies out there who will kill for her powerful blood. They’d use forbidden magic and hunt her down to the ends of the earth if they knew she existed.

That’s where I come in.
I protect her from prying eyes with my magic.

And Rhys – he guards her to make sure no physical harm comes.
His clan is an ancient order dedicated to protection.

My coven’s an ancient society that does the same.

We don’t usually get on. But for the sake of the girl we both swore to protect – we will.

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