A Lady’s Brave Heart by Rose Pearson


A lady afraid of her cruel and dangerous brother…will she have the courage to do the right thing?

Lady Violet is afraid. Her brother has always been cruel but there is something even darker going on within his house. Terrified and yet determined not to sit idly by while her brother enacts his plan, Violet forces herself to intervene. The handsome gentleman is none other than the Duke of Abernyte and Violet finds herself beginning to lose her heart, even though she knows such a thing can never be.
Matthew is quite certain that his time at war will help him with his responsibilities back in London. But when he finds himself dizzy and powerless, he can only rely on the aid of one mysterious young woman for help. Unable to recall her face, Matthew does all he can to discover her. When his interest in Lady Violet seems to drive her away from him even further, Matthew is certain she knows something important.

Will his determination push her too far? And can he permit himself to open his heart to her, despite the danger?

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