A Groom By Surprise by Laura Ashwood


A proxy bride, a surprise groom and the secrets that could tear them apart.

Sarah Clark is utterly alone. Her sister’s dying wish was for Sarah to take her place as a proxy bride. But Sarah isn’t so sure that she can go through with deceiving her sister’s would-be husband and his family…especially when she begins to fall for her new husband, Levi Nelsen.

Levi Nelsen has given up on marriage. After two failed attempts at securing a bride, he’s resigned to being a bachelor — that is, until his attorney brother tricks him into signing a marriage by proxy certificate. Suddenly, he finds himself with a wife he didn’t want.

Can a marriage built on deception become something meant to be?


(This book was previously published under the title, A Bride for Levi, and is no longer for sale under that title.)

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