A Dangerous Game by Ashley Ford


Ivy: There are a lot of reasons to avoid the large, mysterious men from the office next door. They’re shady. They’re intrusive. And they’re generally bad for business. Especially their leader, Maddox Dodge, who drives me crazy with his constant, childish games, and teasing antics. It’s a shame the man is so damn attractive because he has ‘emotionally unavailable’ written all over him. I would be stupid to fall in love with him. But after he stays by my side to protect me from a sadistic maniac, I realize I have no choice…my heart is already on the line.

Maddox: I’m on the hunt for a killer and can’t really afford any distractions…especially ones as tempting as Ivy Tennyson. As a SEAL, emotions are a weakness, and Ivy rouses all sorts of feelings in me. Feelings I never knew I could have. Feelings better left unexplored. Still, I can’t resist her. Not her fiery spirit or her luscious curves. I know it’s a dangerous game, but I find myself playing it anyway, just to get closer to her. And when the crook I’m after sets his sights on her, I will do everything it takes to protect the woman who owns my soul.

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Contemporary Romance

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