A Contract for Pleasure by Catherine Corry


Billionaire Liam Howard is arrogant, sexy, and young. He burns through women who only want him for his money and power.

Avery only wants to take care of her family and needs what Liam can give her.

Shy Avery is challenged in a way she never imagined. A sick mother and now they have lost their only home. She must find Liam Howard and ask his forgiveness for a debt she had no control over.

Avery had heard rumors about Howard’s brutality as a businessman, and so she decides that the only valuable thing she could offer in exchange for their home is her body.

Liam Howard, the young billionaire who has reached the top of his profession through sheer force of will, is considered arrogant and cruel when it comes to business. He has also been burned before by women from his past who only want him for his money and all that it can bring them. But the sexy, powerful billionaire has a tender side. He enjoys the freedom of being wealthy, young, and famous.

They are in for the thrill of their lives when deception and a chance at redemption throw them together. A contract for pleasure seems like the perfect agreement. But what they get is something more.

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