A Chance At Love by L. L. Shute


When Olivia James gets dumped by her high school boyfriend and also stood up by her fiancé after college, she transitions from being a reserved and nerdy plain Jane to a daunting, no-nonsense societal fashion icon. The sight of men who shows interests in her makes bile crawl up her throat. Now that she had spent years loving and focusing on herself, she suddenly becomes the cynosure of all eyes? She is going to give men a good dose of their own medicine. She no longer believes in fairy tales. In the love world, you either eat or be eaten. And Olivia will not be eaten.
Mexican millionaire Maximiliano Alfonso is now New York’s most eligible bachelor. His parents put him in charge of their business in New York to help him have a sense of responsibility after he wasted his early years in Mexico as a party crooner. Whatever Max has eyes for, he gets it. With women, Max ensures to always have his ways and Olivia James will not be an exception, especially after they bump into each other at Celsior fashion show. Her elegance and mysterious aura intrigue him. She seemed formidable, and that is something Max looks forward to contend with. Olivia’s quick instincts spots a predator in Max – his reputation precedes him; he was just going to be the same as every other awful man out there and she was going to make an example out of him. Their situation spirals from being a clash to assert dominance into a very hot romance that held so much affection, respect and commitment.

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