706 Sugarbush Lane by Penelope Wylde


Tattoos…check. Beard…check. Alpha AF…heck yeah! The biggest beast on the mountain is about to break all his rules for the woman he wants.

I’m not who I pretend to be.

In my former life they called me the Beast, rebel, monster. I’ll be honest, I earned my brutal monikers the hard way and pocketed billions in the process. But what I’m not is someone’s savior.

Now I go by Sawyer Becker. The man who owns the Rust Nail bar.

Then I met her. Trinity Douglas—angel, thief, and my personal hell on Earth.

Wild Ridge Mountain’s firecracker barista with the soft lips, prettiest green eyes and the sexiest curves is one temptation no saint or mortal can ignore. She’s also a woman with a secret of her own.

They say when two like souls meet for the first time it’s the Universe uniting energies. All I know is she’s makes a hard man like me want what I can’t have.

So far, I’ve stayed away, but when she slides behind my bar and into my arms, one taste of her sweet lips breaks through my iron-clad self-control. And I take what I want.

She cracks my world wide open and the beast inside me roars to life. I claim every inch of her body and she claims me right back. I only hope my secret past doesn’t tear us apart.

Author’s naughty Note: He’s the bearded, secret broody billionaire and she’s the sexy temptation who breaks all his rules. On 706 Sugarbush Lane Wild Ridge Mountain’s alpha mountain man is about to fall to his knees and you’ll love every HOT, naughty minute of it! As always with a Penelope Wylde book, you’ll get the filthy, naughty bits you crave with the perfect happily ever after you love.

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