SAMPLE, Obviously. 


Hey, author! I know you! 


Actually, I am you. 

Or I was. 

Let me guess. You wanted to be an author so you could write books, share your stories with the masses. 

You imagined days of writing, handing off your book, and letting someone else manage everything else. 

That was before you knew what this everything else was. 

You didn’t know you’d have to build a social media platform so readers could find you, agents would be interested in you, and publishing houses would want to work with you. You had no clue how much time you’d spend doing…all the not writing that was involved with being an author. 

Things that seem dirty and salesy, when you thought they’d be fun. 

Now you spend loads of time on social media because you’re constantly trying to figure out what to share. 

Best social media practices suggest that you post twice a day on the major platforms and you’re struggling. 

This should be simpler, right? 

Well, now it is! 


Meet the 2019 Love Kissed Content Calendar, designed by an author, for authors. 

Use this calendar to simplify your social media.

Save time!

Beta testers reported that they could schedule out two weeks on multiple platforms in an hour.

Save that creativity for your books!

No thinking required.

An entire page of additional content options.

A reference page for hashtags. 


An optional graphics package to take all the stress out of the process! 

The graphics package for September through December includes: 

The best part? These graphics are fully customizable. You may edit as you wish.

Watch and learn!


I would always wonder what to post, etc. And this way I literally scheduled half the month in an hour. To have September scheduled before September gets here will be insane. I love it.

Heather N.


Another winner. This is really engaging people. It hasn’t even been an hour. 

It looks awesome. 

Easy to understand and very well done. 

Melissa M.Author

Because our focus is on creating the calendar for 2020, and releasing it as soon as the middle of September, this offer is only available for a limited time! 

Don’t wait to get your social media together. Make the most of the fall rush. Make your presence known. 

Get ready to grow.

This deal ends…

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you use this calendar for thirty days and don’t see improvement in your social media engagement, we’ll refund your money. 

Need a business version?

This calendar was designed for authors, but if you’re looking for a version to grow your business, Angie Gentler makes one that is PERFECT! It includes ideas designed to help you find your ideal customers and engage with them. 

ALSO…Angie has a fantastic deal right now that any business determined to grow won’t want to miss. 

Click here to grab a social media content calendar for business!

Buy it now!

Choose from calendar ONLY or calendar with graphics. 

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