Ready to release with a plan?

If you’ve always wanted to release in the black, grow, and find new readers, then this is the planner for you. If you’ve always felt like you might just be floundering, like you can’t keep track of everything you should be doing with your release, then this is for you.

Contents of the New Release Planner

  • Word Goals
  • Publishing
  • Goal Setting
  • Publishing Schedule
  • Publishing Status
  • How to Publish Profitably
  • Publishing Profits Tracker
  • Calendar and Habit Tracker for every month of 2019
  • Calendar for 2019 & 2020

Plus a 22 page packet for every release that includes…

  • Market Research
  • A Release Plan
  • Anthology Release Plan (This will help you organize those group projects!)
  • Cover Plan
  • Swag Plan
  • Giveaway Organizer
  • Giveaway Accounting
  • Swap Organizer & Tracker
  • Social Media Organizer (What you shared when and where!)
  • New Release Checklist (4 pages long!)

Of course we added resources…

  • Giveaway Tips
  • Publishing on the Cheap
  • Publishing Strategies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Amazon Giveaways

And seriously… more.

This packet is 244 pages long. (Copy the 22 pages of release sheets as many times as you’d like!)


Cost: $9

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