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What an incredible nature walk… until I end up lost and hurt. I’m stuck. Helpless. I think it’s a bear lumbering toward me, but no… this guy is even grumpier. Surly, even. Barrett seems to soften a bit around the edges when he sees that I’m not the average loud, littering tourist. This handsome older man doesn’t seem to realize he’s so sexy I can hardly breathe. He’s as massive as the mountain, and nearly as quiet. His tree trunk arms feel like my shelter, and his soulful eyes possess a stillness that I find inspirational. He’s extremely protective. Almost too much. And he definitely wants me. This wild lust overtakes us both, but it seems too quick to be something everlasting. Could this gorgeous mountain man truly be obsessed already?

Elizabeth Byrd’s friends beg her to join them in Cowboy Creek as a mail-order bride. At first, the former battlefield nurse is scandalized by the idea of marrying a man she’s never met, but the war has taken everything from her — her brothers, too many friends to count, and her fiancé. There’s nothing left for her in Atlanta but more heartache. Seeking peace and solitude, Captain David Pemberton retreats to his hunting lodge in Texas the moment the war is over. However, the ranchers in Cowboy Creek don’t see fit to leave a widowed soldier alone during Christmas. Insisting he’s grieved long enough, they dare him to join them on a holiday venture to acquire wives for them all — a dare he accepts in a weak moment.

Riona learns why the Fae are untrustworthy when she meets a handsome golden-eyed Pooka. With a flick of his fingers, Riona’s life changes, and not for the better. After her father dies, things get even worse. Soon to lose her home, Riona is out of options and out of time. But she refuses to give into despair or to give in to the advances of the annoyingly handsome Pooka, Aiden, who now holds her future in his hands But Aiden is cunning, and before Riona realizes what she’s done, her nemesis has stolen her off into the night. Soon, Riona becomes enthralled with the Unseelie Court, its dark delights, and, most of all, her golden-eyed captor. She is torn between her humanity and the other side of herself, the long-repressed Fae side.

Heartbroken and angry doesn’t come close to how I felt when he left town, and me, to pursue his football dreams. Fine. Good. He has his life. And I have mine. Except, Brodie’s mega-star, hard-partying player’s flirty love-life is all over the news and social media channels. He’s pretty hard to ignore. Annoyingly, his boyish good looks are on every screen and other people’s phones. Then, years after Our Kiss, and out of the blue, Brodie is back in Oak River. Cool. I can handle it. I am not falling for his charms again. But a teenage crush is a powerful thing and perhaps Brodie Kent is not the guy in the gossip section of national news. There’s another reason why he left town and stayed away. Maybe I’ll find out when we’re camping alone together. But wait a minute… There’s only one tent.

Fake marriage, real billionaires, and one ex who just can’t let go. Welcome to my so-called love life. So, there’s me, Vanessa Davis — single mom, blonde bombshell, and the queen of unfortunate choices. Then there’s Anderson Collins, my ex-flame turned pretend hubby, and a billionaire who’s as charming as he is infuriating. My life’s a mess, my mom’s sick, and I’m about as broke as a joke. Enter Anderson, my knight in a shining, very expensive suit, with an offer I can’t refuse. A fake marriage to save my mom and his reputation. Easy, right? Wrong. Between public smiles and private glares, things get heated in more ways than one. Oh, and did I mention my ex, the father of my child, decides now’s the time for a grand comeback? Just when I think I’ve got it all under control, life throws in a curveball. A little plus sign on a stick and suddenly, our fake marriage might have some very real consequences. And as for Anderson, well, let’s just say he’s full of surprises. So, buckle up, because this runaway bride is in for the ride of her life.

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