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Patrick: Can you imagine a World Series champion not having a date to his high school reunion? Pathetic, huh? Insert weekend trip and fake date with a single mom. I didn’t become a professional athlete by chance. I took command of every aspect of my life. But now I can’t control my feelings about my gorgeous fake girlfriend—especially when she’s standing there wearing nothing but my college t-shirt, telling off my ex, or being mom of the year to the coolest kid I know. I’m a man that needs control and right now—I have none. Avery: Engagement—Off. Dating—On. So now, I’m making good on the date I bought and paid for with a major league baseball player and quasi-friend. All is well until I feel the need to save him from his ex and jump at the chance to be his fake-girlfriend for a weekend getaway. Sparks turn into a full-blown fire as we blur the lines between fantasy and reality. But when he’s playing baseball with my son, pesky little butterflies flutter inside my soul. I need a reminder that he may love my son, but we are just friends—pretending to be more. Will we hit a home run or strike out—looking?

When Lady Diana Stafford saves the Earl of Ballantine from highwaymen’s attack on his coach, a chance meeting leads to a diverting friendship with the earl the following London Season. However, this Season, Diana faces a deadline. Her father considers his fiery daughter troublesome and plans to marry Diana to the man of his choice. Diana has other ideas. Take a lover, and she could have lovely memories of romance before a dull marriage. Those plans become secondary, though, when she hears that her dearest friend has been kidnapped. Everyone believes that the marquess’s daughter has been killed—except Diana. But she requires a gentleman to help her search for her friend. Who better than Lord Ballantine? There’s more to the gentleman than meets the eye—and Diana is certain he desires her. … (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)


Julian DiConti resents his miraculous abilities. Bound to a djinn bottle for the last 600 years, the wish granter has seen countless people pass up the opportunity to truly do some good. And with little hope of ever being freed for a normal life, he’s stunned when he meets a gorgeous, empathic woman who ignites a long-lost feeling within. Alessandra Taylor is desperate to see a better world. Born into a cold family, the kind spirit focuses her energy on volunteer work with hospice care and the women’s shelter. But when the mysterious, handsome man from the hospital disappears right before their date, she’s shocked when he emerges from a perfume bottle promising a trio of life-changing wishes. As Julian falls for the beautiful breath of fresh air, he’s certain their relationship will never flourish while he’s trapped in his supernatural status. And as Alessandra struggles to discover the key to unlocking the alluring man’s spellbinding prison, unforeseen tragedies keep eating up her precious wishes. Can they pull the stopper permanently and step into the happily ever after they deserve?

He’s a world famous professional quarterback in his breakout rookie season, in need of a distraction from his crazy life before playing on the biggest stage of his life, the Super Bowl. She’s the identical twin sister of a world famous Pop Princess, secretly filling in for her twin for a few days while her sister recovers from a bout of pneumonia. Their words collide in a whirlwind romance until he discovers her deceit, ending their relationship. Five months later, their worlds collide again in the most unlikely of places. Can he win her back, or will this sexy quarterback end up playing second string to her new love interest?

Four years feels like a lifetime to be estranged from family, but when Claire winds up pregnant, she finally finds the courage to break free from a bad relationship. With nowhere to hide, she has no choice but to seek help from the only people she feels she can trust—her rockstar brother and his bandmates. But it turns out time may not fully heal all wounds as reconnecting with her past means she has to face Jake, her brother’s best friend and the band’s sexy guitarist she’d left behind. In no time at all, Jake becomes her safe harbor and he might be willing to protect her, but is he willing to risk loving her again? Jake never understood why Claire disappeared on him after they hooked up four years ago, but he thought he’d put her and the heartache behind him. When she unexpectedly shows up sporting bruises on her beautiful face, all he cares about is keeping her safe. He’s ready to drop everything to help her in any way she needs, but he can’t resist handing her his heart all over again. But when her ex feeds the tabloids a sob story about her running away with their child, will they be able to weather the storm together, or will it be what breaks them apart for good?

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