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I love to hate my grumpy single dad boss. Too bad my body is betraying me. So, here I am, the new nanny stepping into Ryan Stiller’s mansion – Mr. Tall, Dark, and Hockey. Surprise! He’s the same guy who shattered my heart six years ago.  Damn, did he age well.  He’s like a walking advertisement for sinful temptations. Ryan has a brooding gaze and a body that screams ‘trouble’ in a tailored suit. Seeing him with his daughter, all soft and caring, makes my knees tremble. Every smoldering look, every accidental brush of his hand is a wildfire I’m trying not to fan. I keep telling myself, Stay strong, girl. You need this job to pay the bills. Yet each day, he shows a new mature side of the man he’s become. We could be the real deal this time around. But can I risk my heart again for the man who once shattered it?

Life for Sadie has been nothing but one bad experience after another. She was the Universe’s favorite punching bag, but somehow, she was still alive. The last thing Sadie wanted in her life was a man. Too bad the persistent, hot-as-flames man in black didn’t get the memo. Night after night, he found his way into her place of work, having eyes for nothing and no one but her. One strange and confusing conversation with him was all it took for her to get sucked in. He was the most complex, unnerving, enigmatic creature she ever came across. He left her bemused and overwhelmed half the time – from his weird and inconsistent behaviors to his weaving emotions. He was a madness she found herself drawn to like moth to a flame. She couldn’t understand why she so uncontrollably pulled to him, unable to resist him. Or why he felt so familiar. When Sadie began having strange dreams, dreams that were her forbidden memories, memories that doctors told her were irretrievable, the enigma behind the man in black began to unravel.

With all her heart Carly Taggert wants to be a mother, but without a husband there’s only one way she knows to make it happen—become a foster parent. She’s signed up, willing, waiting and ready…oh so ready. Liam McKenna is assigned by Carly’s sheriff father to keep her out of trouble while the sheriff is away. When he learns of her plan Liam is sure she’s headed for it–lock, stock, and barrel. Foster kids are messed up. Broken. Trouble. He ought to know since he was one. But there’s no talking sense into Carly. Soon Liam finds himself dragged into the chaos and falling for her despite knowing better. She’s a softie, in for a hard fall and he knows it…because those kids aren’t hers to keep. But he’s sticking around for her and maybe once she knows how painful it can be to let them go, she’ll drop the nonsense of having kids and keep him instead…

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