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Patience, the mysterious witch, crosses paths with the seductive vampire, Lucius. An unspoken attraction ignites, forbidden desires entangle, and the fear of the unknown looms large. United by a dangerous mission, they embark on a quest to secure the soul gem and rescue their loved ones. As their paths entwine, long-guarded secrets unfurl, revealing a connection beyond their wildest imaginings. But can Patience convince Lucius that her life holds more value than her death?

Fed up with living in the shadows of my famous hockey-playing father and brothers, I decide to take matters into my own hands. With a little help from a family friend, I anonymously try out for my new college men’s hockey team, hoping to win one of the two open spots on the team and finally proving that I’m just as good as my father and brothers There’s only one thing standing in my way. Actually make that three things standing in my way. Coulter Collins, Fin Baxter, and Royal Reynolds, the three senior captains of the men’s hockey team. Their job as team captains is to select the two new team members. I need to make sure I’m focusing on tryouts and not the three sexy men watching my every move on and off the ice. Armed with my lucky hockey stick and full-length, mirrored visor, I take the ice to prove I’m just as good as any male hockey player because I have a secret weapon: I Puck Like a Girl.

Lucy Lenin is broke, her abusive husband is missing, and the gangsters he owed want to take it out on the demure Lucy. When she’s offered a job at a strip club, Lucy takes the job for fast money and to get the mafia off her back, even finding a way to tolerate her regular client, Sheriff Aaron Dwyer, who happens to be her old boyfriend. Aaron Dwyer has his own problems. He’s the face guy of the county, and the public is breathing down his neck for answers on why unemployed men have shown up dead in his jurisdiction. Pile that on top of losing his wife a year ago and raising two daughters. But there’s one bright spot in his life… Lucy. Can Lucy and Aaron work together to solve the county’s murders before it’s too late for one of them? … (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)

Rose Allen’s life has always been steeped in darkness. Living under the thumb of her abusive father, she eagerly escapes to the prestigious Red Rose Academy, hidden in the heart of New Orleans. The sanctuary she seeks, however, is not as secure as she’d hoped. At Red Rose, old grudges run deep, and the academy’s rules bind her as tightly as her father’s chains. As Rose delves deeper into her unique abilities, the line between friend and enemy blurs, and her world shifts in ways she never imagined possible. Caught in a dangerous web of secrets and lies, Rose becomes entangled with two men who couldn’t be more different. Will Valentin and Rocco be her salvation or her downfall?

I’d never even thought of being close with a man until I met Adam. He was so far out of my league we were barely on the same planet, yet he treated me like his girlfriend immediately. Before she left Dad, my mother told me never to trust men, specifically rich men. Since I’m not close with her anymore, I can’t ask whether exceptions can ever be made. I shouldn’t let myself fall in love with Adam – he’s Dad’s doctor and 14 years older than I am. He’s brilliant, but so protective that I can’t quite believe it. No matter how much those gorgeous dark eyes beg. No matter how sweet he is with me. Or that every time he touches me, I feel fire swirling through my belly. Can I trust a man who seems obsessed with me? No amount of lust is worth risking Dad’s experimental treatment, and my own heart… is it?

I could never have guessed I would end up in this situation. Since the night of our one-night stand, there were countless instances when I was too weak to stop fantasizing about Nik, but I never imagined he would kidnap me and chain me to his bed. Well, that’s not true. After all, I had longed to be completely at his mercy again on more than one occasion. But my daydreams had been much, much different. For starters, my fantasy man was nothing but the sexy-as-hell, passionate lover I had assumed he was. He was just Nik. No last name, no dark background. I didn’t expect him to be my latest mark. I certainly didn’t think he could be Nikolai Stefanovich, the ruthless pakhan of the Russian bratva. I thought my troubles with the stronzo were the worst thing that could ever happen to me, but my life has just become much more complicated. There are now not one, but two mafia bosses who have vowed to own me. And I may be capable of turning the tables on the Italian mobster, but I’m not foolish enough to believe the same about Nikolai. The Russian inspires fear in the likes of men I’ve learned to dread. And I have brazenly taken from him his most prized possession.

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