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Four Manhattan Men Novels for your reading pleasure…

Book 1 – Mr. Real Rich: Nothing tastes as sweet as winning over a woman.

Book 2 – Mr. Handsome Hunk: I’ve wanted her my whole life.

Book 3 – Mr. Manly Man: Love is for girls and suckers.

Book 4 – Mr. Romantic Romeo: Did Juliet stab Romeo in the back? Mine did.

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Cynthia: Roland Jackson always has been there for me. He’s my friend, my protector, the only man I’d trust with my life. And when a stalker threatens to destroy it forever, he’s the one who steps up and makes me feel safe again. The only problem? My feelings for him become more and more dangerous every second I am in his arms… Roland: I have been her friend for years. But being her friend is not enough anymore… I’ve fantasized about Cynthia, her soft curves, and her sexy demeanor for as long as I can remember. And when a chilling threat pulls us together, I suddenly feel like risking it all. I won’t let that man take her away from me. Not before I show her how intense the fire between us can burn…

Jasmine: Unparalleled, incomparable, a diamond in the rough. I’ve heard it all. But being a red wolf has only brought me pain throughout my life. My pack leader has used me, and witches have controlled me. Dad had it right all along—being a lone wolf is the only way. Before leaving, I need to make sure my brother and mother are safe with their new pack, and that the witch who haunts our past does not come back. But this insufferable man won’t leave me alone . . . My wolf insists he’s our mate, but all I can see is one more person trying to control me. Dredge: I’m broken. My best friend turned on me and my family in the worst way. His betrayal cuts deep, and I don’t know if I can trust someone from outside my family again. Yet, as soon as I lay eyes on her, I know she’s mine. There’s an undeniable pull to spend time with her and get to know her, even though she only wants to push me away. But the more I hear about her past, the more I’m horrified, and the more I want to protect her. Even though I’m broken, I hope to heal her wounds just like Pac once did for me.

Ten years ago, Callum O’Brien stole my heart. Then he vanished after one unforgettable night. Now, he’s my insanely hot billionaire boss. But I face a man who can’t remember our past. His arrogant demeanor clashes with my feisty and sassy nature. But his every smoldering look sets my body on fire. His touch ignites my soul and pretending to resist him becomes impossible. Our fragile world teeters with each shared moment. But I can’t tell him about our son he doesn’t know exists. Then his brother, Jacob, reappears—my ex, with secrets of his own. Callum discovers Gray, and his eyes blaze with betrayal. Now, I must choose between protecting my son or risking it all for a second chance at love—especially when I discover that I’m pregnant again.

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