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Billionaire developer, Rhett Buchanan, is forced to inspect a shipment of priceless trees and meets the girl of his dreams instead. A bit jaded where women are concerned—since most are gold diggers—Rhett falls head over heels for the Jupiter Island socialite who only wants him, not his money. Except she isn’t the glamorous socialite she appears to be. She’s the gardener . . . 

Encountering Dominic again was a jolt of electricity, reigniting the flame of our high school romance, now a forbidden desire. Landing a job as his secretary, I’m forced to be around him as sparks fly between us, defying all rules. Stuck together on a business trip, our friendship evolves into something deeper—dangerously off-limits. Dominic’s protective side emerges when rumors about us spread through the workplace, threatening to crumble Dominic’s corporation and our relationship. Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, I’m torn between trusting Dominic with my heart again and the fear of history repeating itself, shattering me once more. But that’s not all. Someone else has me in emotional turmoil. Someone from Dominic’s past who threatens to unravel our budding romance. His ex… my best friend.

Growing up in small-town Iowa, I was the good girl, always doing the right thing, never straying into temptation. Living on the family farm and engaged to my high school sweetheart—the perfect life for the perfect farmer’s daughter. Until my wedding day when my fiancé left me at the altar with only a note saying I was too safe, too dull. That he wanted more out of life than our boring existence, his act of defiance was the push I desperately needed to take a walk on the Wildside. One year later and I’m living in New Orleans. Working at the hottest bar on Bourbon Street, “Sweet Cocktails.” Serving my signature cocktail, “The Cucumber Martini.” It’s a tribute to all the single ladies looking for a “real cucumber” for the night. As wild as I swore I would be when I left my hometown, the only wild thing I have done is get a tattoo. So, when those two tall drinks of water came strolling into the bar, I found myself ordering a cucumber martini but make mine a double. (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)


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