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Tessa is a top-flight concert pianist who won’t stand for anyone trying to tell her what pieces she should play—not even an attractive, concert-sponsoring billionaire. She gets back at Chuck Brown by seducing him with her special version of the Appassionata played in three movements: at her dinner table, on her piano and in her bedroom. The two embark on a courtship that takes them through the boroughs of New York City. Chuck showers Tessa with sapphires, diamonds and gold. Noting his gifts are store-bought, in contrast to her homemade presents to him, she wonders if this man of many qualities shares enough of her artistic interests and values to fit into her music-centric world. While she grapples with the possibility that their relationship might have no future, Charlie Brown delves into his past, rediscovering skills of yesteryear and his own true name to handcraft a unique gift that will touch her soul.

My crazy friend dared me to do something outrageous. . . have a steamy encounter at least once a week for one year. It sounded easy enough and started off well. . . A smoking hot date with a sexy cowboy. A tangled romp with a gorgeous drummer who had all the right moves. A steamy shower with a hunky handyman. A stunning groomsman, and a naughty artist. . . But things spiral out of control when some of the men come back for more. Now I have one teeny, little, MAMMOTH problem. They don’t know the real me. They don’t even know my real name. Or that I’m really an introverted country girl trying to find my way in the big city. They only know the woman I pretend to be and the sexy disguises I wear. Now my naughty double life is in a steamy hot mess!

Grace had never been more terrified…the pain was relentless.
Nothing in her life prepared her for this.
She desperately needed somewhere safe…someplace she could hide.
Someone she could trust with her life.
It was dark…and getting darker. Ronan Hendricks didn’t recognize her voice.
Not family…not friends. Probably not an enemy. But he didn’t need the years he’d spent as a detective to recognize what he did hear… Fear. In a desperate moment of hope, a single number saved her life. Then a complete stranger opened his home offering safety yet Grace knew danger surrounded them…when the pain allowed her to think clearly. But she knew she needed him to stay alive because someone wanted her dead…like her sister. … ( Read the full blurb on Amazon.)

For a broke journalism student, living just across the street from a ruthless motorcycle club like the Screaming Eagles was perfect. Dirt cheap rent and watching ridiculously sexy men out my window all day? Yes, please. It stayed perfect right up until the day their enemies blew up the bar below my apartment. I lost everything that night, but those mouthwatering bikers risked their lives to save mine. Now the only thing that really matters is the USB drive I hid under the floorboards that might be the key to proving my brother’s innocence. When I go back to look for it and run straight into my hot biker heroes, I can’t resist a one-time, no-strings-attached night of wild lust. (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)

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