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You’re probably wondering how a free-spirited girl like myself ended up in this situation. Well, it’s simple. I needed money after my father cut me off. So I decided to claim what is rightfully mine. There’s just a catch… First things first — I have to find a husband. Thankfully, my long-time ‘friend’, Derek, is more than happy to play the role of my fake fiancé. Before I knew it, though, he was relocating cities, moving into my house, and planning our very real wedding. He exceeds my exceptions twofold for a guy who never wanted to settle down himself. After that? Produce an heir. How do I convince my friend to have a baby with me, you ask? Well, that was a lot easier than you think. He kind of, sort of, already knocked me up, long before our fake engagement had even begun… That leaves just one final task — convince everyone we’re in love. Sure, we got on well enough, but would they believe years of friendship and intimacy transformed into something more? Surprisingly, they do… Hell, even believe it. That right there becomes the problem. Falling in love with my baby daddy isn’t an option. Once the inheritance arrives, the gig is up. That was our arrangement…unless he doesn’t want to end things, either.

Art museum marketer Maddie has lived in the shadow of her older sister, and she’s desperate to be as beautiful and captivating. After a gala at the Boston Public Library, an enigmatic artist offers her a deal that seems too good to be true–he’ll paint her portrait and transform her into the beauty she longs to be. But there’s a cost. Her body or her blood. Enter a world where desire and danger collide. Will anyone survive this cruel game?

KOL: No one steals from a dragon and walks away. Centuries ago, I made a sword, Clarent. It was a mistake, sowing discord and disaster. Since I couldn’t destroy it, I’ve been hiding it in my cave, letting it rust in obscurity. Until a beautiful thief seduces her way inside and steals it from me. I need Clarent back before it can unleash destruction once again. But first, I need to find the woman that stole it. Because I’m not letting my mate disappear again.
ARIA: My job was to steal from him. Getting caught wasn’t part of the plan. Wanting him was out of the question. I’m a magical mercenary. Risk is my job. So when my sister, Luna, got kidnapped by a tyrannical warlord, I had to save her. The plan was simple, really. Steal a powerful sword from a reclusive dragon, kill the warlord, and rescue my sister.

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