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Colt Nightshade has no patience for the bureaucratic red tape that entangles law enforcement and sets the guilty free. Lieutenant Althea Grayson believes in the rules and procedures that help keep order over the chaos that threatens society. Together, they are a teenage girl’s only hope of survival against a ruthless criminal. Their methods couldn’t be more dissimilar, but Colt senses a kindred rebellious spirit simmering beneath Althea’s tough cop exterior—and a passion waiting to be ignited.

New town, fresh start—that’s all I want. He and I hit it off at the bar, but I’m not looking for anything serious. Our chemistry is explosive, so we decide on just one night. Or so I thought… People tell me he’s damaged goods, an outcast, even his parents. But I see him for who he is: loyal, protective, and a little bit broken. Just when I think things could be perfect, I uncover his dangerous past. The only thing worse than falling for a man with dark secrets? Is keeping my own secret from him—how do I tell him I’m pregnant?

Here he stands with those broad shoulders and that chiseled jawline, his deep blue eyes practically daring me to look away. Oh, and let’s not forget the suit — every inch tailored to perfection, oozing arrogance. He’s every woman’s dream, except mine. Then destiny steps in. Forcing us to work on a project together, igniting unresolved feelings from our past. Our business meeting turned into one forbidden night of passion, and now I can’t resist his touch. But when he protects me from his business rival, I see the man I once loved. Now, we are forced into a fake marriage to protect ourselves. But the more time I spend with Benjamin, the more this fake marriage feels real.

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