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Chloe Grant strides into Club Allure with a new identity. My partners want her virtual reality system. I want her. She’s a tech genius with a past. The beautiful bandit I’ve been searching for for two years. The fates dropped her in my lap, and I should want restitution. Instead, I want her heart. But she’s my sister’s best friend. Surrounded by secrets she’s desperate to keep. Like an ex that’s hunting her, determined to drag her back to hell. Yet, every moment we’re together, our souls become more intertwined, inseparable. She’s dangerous, and protecting her could be my downfall. But from the second I saw her, I knew she’s mine. I’ll destroy anyone who tries to harm her. If only I can prevent her from breaking my heart in the process.

Jennie Meadows has convinced herself she has everything she could ever need: a dog grooming business – ‘Telling Tails’ – going from strength to strength at Cherry Tree Farm and her trusty four-legged soulmate Millie. After a series of bad break-ups Jennie has learned that Millie’s judgement (when it comes to men, at least) is sounder than her own. So when the pup takes a sudden liking to the local vet Jennie’s interest is piqued. Though she’s sworn off dating, they do say cupid works in mysterious ways so perhaps it’s time for Jennie and Millie to take a leap of faith. Because happy ever after may be just a tail wag away…

A spicy attraction and a tasty mystery cook up a delectable romance. . . Jemima George leaves her cushy job as a celebrity chef behind and moves to a tiny coastal town in search of new beginnings. Her sexy contractor promises to be a delicious distraction as she opens her new café. But is he on the menu? Jack Kerrigan is being paid to do a job, but he’s finding it difficult not to mix business with pleasure. Jem is a tempting morsel and he wants more than a taste. With both of them recently out of bad relationships, getting together with the hot chef isn’t an option. Or is it?Despite Jack’s baggage and resolution, their sizzling attraction heats up like chocolate in a double boiler. When trouble threatens in the form of an ex-wife who doesn’t want to give him up and a shady attorney with a deadly secret, Jem will have to fight for more than just their romance, she’ll have to fight for her life.

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