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Romance never did Maggie Anthony any favors. So now that she’s back in her small hometown as a divorced single mom, she plans to avoid it all together. Which would’ve been easy…if her first love hadn’t walked back into her life wanting a second chance… Xavier Wilson doesn’t blame Maggie for hating him. His commitment issues were legendary. Now that she’s back, though, he’s determined to show her how sorry he is. He knows he doesn’t deserve her. But that won’t stop him from trying to earn her… When all is said and done, will a little forced proximity, some neighborly rivalry, and a ton of unresolved sexual chemistry help convince Maggie to open her heart to Xavier again? There’s only one way to find out…

Hoping for a fresh start after her ex-fiancé cheats on her before the wedding, supermodel Missy Peters moves to a new city and opens an upscale clothing boutique. When a puppy darts into traffic during her morning coffee run, Missy rushes to save the innocent pooch, only to be rescued herself when gym owner Nick Zambini pulls her out of harm’s way. Nick is handsome, intelligent and witty, and his smile does crazy things to Missy’s belly. Ignoring her obvious attraction, she discovers their business goals are the same: to help people look and feel their best. When Nick suggests they join forces professionally, Missy is all for that enterprise, but she’s not ready to trust in more. Will spending time with Nick entice Missy to risk her heart a second time? And will these two workaholics discover the most perfect venture of all is love

Connor is the last guy in the world I should fall for. He’s the resident office flirt. I’m the quirky Pride & Prejudice-loving editor who uses big words and dresses like the world’s non-sexiest librarian. We have nothing in common. Plus, we’re competitors for the same job. Fine by me. I’m happy to hold him at arms’ length forever. And considering I’m practically the only woman in the office he’s never flirted with, he’s obviously happy to do the same. But then, everything changes. Because when we’re stuck overnight in our office building thanks to an earthquake-induced landslide, I begin to realize that Connor isn’t actually the jerk I thought he was—the kind who leads women on, just like my ex. And when he offers to attend my ex’s wedding as my fake boyfriend, things get even more interesting. Especially when he gives me that much-too-chaste kiss… (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)

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