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I’ve got scars deep down that I’d never willingly share with anyone. Except the millions of people who listen to my music. It’s easy to do when no one knows your name. I release my songs one by one, watching as the world tries to figure me out. I’ve convinced myself that I’m content living on this mountain alone. But then on my weekly trip into town, I meet Evie Forge. She’s the kind of girl I’d take for my bride if I ever decided to get married again. But that pain is still too real, too raw. I’m too damaged, and she’s too young. But then I hear the voice of an angel, guiding me through the woods like a siren song. I’m stunned when I see that it belongs to the curvy goddess I’ve been obsessed with. It only makes me want to claim Evie that much more. And now I’m wondering if it’s time to let go of the past and share my secret with the woman who makes me want more than a quiet life of solitude. Or will it backfire and send my world crashing down around me?

I’m not an outdoorsy person. This terrifying camping trip is not by choice – it’s probable that I’m being hunted. Then I’m found by a dangerous creature…a sexy-as-sin older man. A grouchy, growly forest ranger type. He’s gorgeous, but he doesn’t seem to like people very much. Until we spend some time together. His tone definitely changes the more he stares at me. He’s quiet, yet those intense dark eyes tell me everything I need to know. Jace wants me. He’s overbearing, overprotective, and I don’t think he understands how to separate lust and logic. Once this breathtaking mountain man wraps me in his arms, I don’t want him to separate anything. Ever.

Coming face to face with him after one of my furry clients ran onto his boat was a total shock. It is the first time we have seen each other since I left for college.
Connor stayed in Emerald Cove to pursue his dream to design and restore boats. His world revolved around his work—until a surprise puppy crashes into his orderly life, courtesy of his well-meaning parents. Juggling classes and a menagerie of furry clients, I find myself roped into helping Connor with his new puppy. Oh, did I mention I’m a dog walker and trainer working my way through landscaping school. But as we team up to tame the puppy, sparks fly, and old feelings resurface. Amid dog parties, puppy training, and unexpected romance,we begin to rediscover passion and possibilities. Can this surprise puppy be the catalyst for our second chance at love, or will the shadows of the past keep us apart?

As if getting rescued by a hot, bearded mountain man while I’m knee-deep in mud isn’t bad enough, he also can’t resist giving me smug I told you so looks. I try to act all casual and cool while he saves me, but that’s hard to do when you’ve got clumps of dirt in your hair and a huge tear in your sweater thanks to an unfortunate run-in with a barb wire fence. After he lifts me into his strong arms and carries me to safety, I try to forget about him, but I can’t. I’m almost tempted to get lost a second time, just so I can see him again. Because holy smokes, I came to these mountains to study bird feeding patterns, but all I want to do is explore this big and bearded mountain man who sets my soul on fire…

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