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Lachlan and Cam try to carry on as normal while The Lucky Teapot re-opens and Cam resumes his regular witching duties. But when an encounter with a cunning Redcap goes awry, the Loch Ness Monster is spectacularly revealed to a group of startled onlookers and the unlucky pair are forced apart by a new twist to the Loch Ness curse. While struggling with this magical separation, Cam delves deep to understand his own power and Lachlan investigates the murderous trail of an old enemy. Faced by a powerful and dangerously unhinged foe, Cam and Lachy must fight the odds to preserve their future together—but even an unbreakable transformation and the machinations of an evil witch won’t stop them from finding their happily ever after.

Miss Joy Bosworth is the youngest daughter to Viscount Halifax and, having seen her three older sisters marry, has been left to find her own husband. Unfortunately, her talkative nature and firm confidence prevents her from being considered as a suitable match and thus, she forms friendships with the other young ladies who are forced to stand to the side of the ballroom or ignored at soirees. Spying an item belonging to one of the gentlemen she is acquainted with, Joy returns it to him but thinks nothing more of it. Viscount Henry Yarmouth is much too busy seeking out the most proper young lady for himself to notice a wallflower, but when one returns an item to him – along with a sharp reprimand that he should be more careful the next time he takes out something of such great value – he becomes rather intrigued. When the very same item goes missing only a few days later, only to be returned by her again, Henry finds himself completely and utterly entangled by both the strange mystery and the lady herself. Can he untangle the mystery? And what will he do about his own heart?

For Easton Cooper, everything—except a chance at one million dollars. Desperate for cash, he’ll even compete on an outrageous action-adventure reality show, and he hates reality TV. As luck would have it, he’s thrust into his element, a series of outdoor challenges in the Oregon Cascade Mountains. But there’s a catch—he’s staring across the meadow at his partner—a tan, hot, out-of-place California girl, wearing heels and a formal dress in the middle of freaking nowhere—and she will not bring him down! Even if he has to drag her across the finish line. Amity Rose wants an adventure. No one told her that “dress accordingly” meant deck out in hardcore mountain gear. So she wore strappy heels and a fancy dress to the opening scene. So she hates bugs, cold air, tents, campfires—must she go on? Now all the contestants think she’s a pampered princess—and to add to her bad luck, her partner is the worst—a gangly, overconfident, know-it-all mountain trail guide. Did the directors just add a romantic twist to the drama? Sure, why not? Maybe she’ll leave the race with something more valuable than money. Just not with him!

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