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Princess Islyne’s body sleeps undisturbed behind a wall of thorns. But her mind is awake and able to explore the kingdom unseen. And, within the bramble forest that’s become her home, her spirit takes on a form that is almost real. For the first time in her sheltered, restricted life, Izzy knows what it’s like to feel free. Duke Conall will do whatever is necessary to protect his kingdom from the damage and chaos left in the curse’s wake. Even if it means rescuing the bride he never wanted. But Islyne’s not the meek princess he remembers, and she has no intention of living her life as nothing more than a political pawn. So when Conall mistakes her for a servant, Izzy hatches a plan to keep him far from the Palace where her body sleeps. As the danger grows, however, she realizes maybe there’s more to Conall too. She’s just not sure if the gentle kindness lurking beneath the arrogant mask is enough to risk spending the her life as nothing more than a political pawn. It’s going to take more than a simple kiss for Islyne and Conall to find their Happily-Ever-After.

Lauren Devereaux’s dream job, Vice-President of Marketing for the huge Grimaldi’s department store chain, was right at her fingertips until Stan “the rat bastard” Blanchard stabs her in the back. Now relegated to helping save the floundering Grimaldi’s Discount stores, she faces a challenge far more daunting than she could have ever imagined: working with the one man who haunts her fantasies, Trevor Morrison. Trevor always knew his and his grandfather’s ideas for Morrison Discount Days, now Grimaldi’s Discount, were different but he’s in charge now and has a clear vision for turning the flailing chain around. And it doesn’t include anyone from New York City coming out to help. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice. As it turns out, however, the person flying into Colorado is the one person he never thought he’d see again—the one woman who turned his world upside down one steamy night in New York City! The close quarters of working together reignite the sparks Lauren and Trevor felt in The Big Apple and, suddenly, work becomes a dance of wills and seduction. But as they fight to save Grimaldi’s Discount, can they also rescue their hearts from the clearance rack and claim a love that is beyond price? … (Read full blurb on Amazon.)

For seven years, my life has revolved around one thing: raising my spirited little sister. Dating is on the back burner, at least until she graduates. But when Scott, the cute next-door neighbor, bursts into my world, everything changes. His adventurous nature lures me out of my comfort zone. His kindness, to my sister and me, melts my guarded heart. He sees past my tough exterior and challenges me to let go and live. But he holds a secret that connects us in ways I could never imagine. His life is filled with danger where any call could be his last.
And my sister is my main priority. If I let him extinguish my fears, then maybe we can create a love story worth telling. And if I can’t, I could lose him forever and let these flames of love burn out before they truly begin.

I was wrong. After a humiliating one-night stand with my best friend’s ruthless brother, I realise the Universe wants me to be alone forever. I’ve spent years hating Aleksandr Ivanov’s arrogant smirk and perfect face. And I’m quite prepared to stay far, far away from the tattooed, dangerous Russian. But the infuriating man won’t leave me alone now. He says I’m his. I say he’s deluded. And I’m completely ignoring the fact his sinful touch makes me lose my mind and want to offer my body as tribute! But when danger finally catches up with me, I’m given an ultimatum. Sell out the Ivanov’s—the closest thing to a family I’ll probably ever have now—or become the property of my father’s debtors and be sold to the highest bidder. Except, when Alek finds out about my predicament, he says he has the perfect solution to protect me. Poka smert’ ne razluchit nas. Till death do us part. Okay, yeah. My life is a dumpster fire. And I’m fairly sure it’s too late to stop my heart being broken into a million pieces, unfortunately.

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