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He’s Nico Monte—the man with the reckless ways and the ruthless blue eyes. The Montes are the reason why my family was exiled. They’re the reason why we had to run and hide in the shadows. They’re the most notorious crime family of Chicago, and I’ve been sold to their prince. I’m a pawn in the game—a way to reconcile the relationship between our two families. It’s what I feared the most—becoming someone’s possession. Only, something unexpected happens. I see a different side of Nico—rough as he is with me in the dark, he’s capable of being gentle too. He looks into my eyes when he calls me his ‘little mermaid’. He whispers between kisses that he meant everything he said at the altar. I almost believe him for a second. But I know better. The lion always hunts the lamb. His only mistake was underestimating me. They all did. I’m no lamb. I’m the goddamn huntress. And I have no choice but to kill whatever I’m starting to feel for my husband. My world depends on it.

Three Parker Family Books for your reading pleasure…

  1. My Secret Love Affair: A three-week affair and he was gone, leaving me with a gift. A baby. Our secret love affair will stay just that—secret.
  2. Mr. Bossy Billionaire: Tutus and leotards are not my thing. Hot ballerina teachers? Yes.
  3. Spring it on Me: I’m not an easy guy to get along with. Or so I’ve been told.

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A summer bucket list—it seems easy, right? At least, that’s what my best friend thought when she decided to force me off the couch and out into the real world. Some things are simple: learn to do makeup, eat spicy food. But some of the things on the list are only there to torture me: kiss a stranger, have a one-night stand, fall in love—yeah, right. This summer bucket list takes me on an adventure, an adventure that leads me right into the arms of a very sexy—but very annoying—man who pushes me to fulfill every single agonizing and embarrassing challenge on that list for his own sick amusement. He gets under my skin like nobody can, and I hate the effortless way he can control my body, making me want things that I repeatedly tell myself I need to avoid. If this summer bucket list doesn’t kill me, the heartbreak of losing the man I refuse to love surely will.

Just as I was expecting a well-deserved promotion, I found myself expelled for a theft I never committed. Working now for William, my brother’s best friend, and CEO of his family’s company, was unexpected, especially since I never got along with him. But today I’m his assistant. When his grandfather demanded he marry or lose his position, I agreed to play his wife. With a divorce planned, he promised in return to identify the thief and help me regain my former job. But as we play this dangerous game, I discover he’s not just as arrogant as I thought he was; there’s a vulnerability in him that I can’t ignore. He’s apparently not insensitive to my charms, either. But just as our hearts slowly come together, our deception is discovered. If this gets out, he’ll have to say goodbye to his career, and I will have to let go of any hope of getting my old job back.

Curl up with this collection of romances where fate, mistaken identities, and falling into the wrong bed lead to unforgettable love stories. From moonlit encounters never meant to happen to fiery passion ignited in the most unlikely situations, each story unfolds with a twist of destiny and desire. Whether it’s a second chance at the one who got away, strangers linked by a booking mishap, or old friends rekindling romance in unexpected places, the wrong bed becomes the right place for love to bloom. Escape to lush, fun, and unexpected places where the thrill of discovery sets the action (no pun intended) in motion and our satisfying endings leave you believing in the power of love, fate, and a little bit of serendipity.

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