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One night with the boss…now my baby daddy. The night I spent with Ethan was a mistake. A scorching hot, mind-blowing mistake that left me with the most adorable little secret—his baby. Years ago, he shattered my heart and left me to pick up the pieces. Now he’s my grumpy, infuriating boss, and we’re forced to live under the same roof. Talk about awkward. But it gets worse. The sparks flying between me and his billionaire father are impossible to ignore. Off-limits, sizzling, and oh-so tempting. My ex-husband won’t take no for an answer, his gentle touch tugging at my heartstrings. And my devastatingly handsome neighbor is always there, ready to fulfill my every desire. Four men. One complicated heart. With each stolen glance and secret rendezvous, I’m falling deeper into a web of passion and lies. But who will I choose? (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)

I shouldn’t crave my daughter’s nanny like this, especially since she’s also my brother’s ex-wife… As a single dad running a multi-billion dollar empire, I’m in dire need of help. So when she’s the only nanny available at the last minute, I have no choice but to hire her. My military discipline has always kept me in line, especially with my younger brother’s former love. Yet she tempts me to break rules I never thought I’d challenge. She was hired to bandage knees and weave bedtime stories. Not accelerate my pulse with every subtle look. Managing a business empire leaves no room for distractions—
Certainly not for wild nights with the nanny. Despite convincing myself she’s just a passing thrill: The more I resist, the more irresistibly I’m drawn to her. I believed I could handle a no-strings fling, but when Julia drops her bombshell, reality strikes hard: This is no longer just a fling. She’s pregnant with my baby.

Read all 5 steamy & sweet instalove romance novellas in one book! Follow all of the girls on vacation as they find HOT summer love.

Summer Love in the Country – #1: Joanna’s writing retreat heats up when a sweet farmhand shows her the poetry of real passion.

Summer Love at the Lake – #2: When Laura spends two weeks as a lifeguard, the hunk next door has her drowning in desire.

Summer Love in the City – #3: Kim’s focus on her job is completely blurred by a hot man’s instant obsession.

Summer Love at the Beach – #4: Becca has always been shy, but Mitch makes her feel like a sexy treasure.

Summer Love in the Forest – #5: Kate’s quiet retreat goes off the beaten path, but Ray protects her from everything but his own instant obsession.

(Read full blurb on Amazon.)

The firecracker barrel racer next door ignites a passion I thought I’d buried. Willow is back in town from her last event, and her energy lights up everything around her.
But when fences falter and sparks fly between us, I know I must keep my distance. My reputation precedes me with a past littered with mistakes and regrets. Our parents, wary of history repeating itself, stand firmly against our reunion. I’m torn between loyalty to my family and the longing in my heart. Then, a family crisis reveals the depth of my feelings, forcing me to confront the truth I’ve been avoiding and challenging everything I thought I wanted. As we mend fences and dreams, Willow offers me a chance at redemption. But can I hold onto her heart and keep my own from breaking in the process?

Marigold James is new to town and looking to make a sweet impact by opening her new bakery, Cakeology. But when faulty wires and tripped alarms threaten her business, she’s forced to rely on the local fire department to keep her business up and running. Maddox Baylor, a local Firefighter, is a stud and he knows it. His take charge attitude lacks all the gentleman charm and he quickly becomes the bane of Marigold’s existence. But guess who shows up every time she needs help? Find out if these two will crash and burn or fly above the flames this summer … Sunny days and steamy nights: Catch the fireworks all summer long with the heroes and heroines of Love Beach, a small town on the eastern shore where romance and happily ever after are guaranteed.

Sydney Evans’s new assignment at the law firm of Andrews, Dunmore, and Leos seems straightforward—assist with the acquisition of a high-stakes hotel and casino chain. But her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn when the job places her in the path of Lucas Cirillo, the dangerously handsome crime boss and the firm’s top client. Caught between duty and passion, Sydney is ensnared in the seductive world of organized crime. After overhearing damning secrets about Lucas’s illegal dealings, she’s mistaken for an undercover agent. Lucas, determined to protect his empire, confines her to his lavish but guarded estate on Skopelos. As days bleed into nights, proximity ignites an unexpected fire between them, revealing a man far more complex and alluring than Sydney ever imagined. Trapped in a gilded cage, Sydney wrestles with her soaring desires and her quest for freedom. (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)


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