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When Dad needs help running our family resort at Calypso Key, I can’t say no. So I bring my daughter home to raise where I grew up. Except the resort is worse off than I expected. Still, I understand business. Women… not so much. And after my divorce, I don’t believe in love. Then I meet new divemaster April Desmond. She was hired before I came back. I have one job—to cut costs everywhere I can. I try to deny the attraction. After all, I might have to fire her. But that sheet of golden hair. Those sky-blue eyes. The sparks become an inferno. We’re opposites in many ways. April is the sunshine to my grumpiness. But we agree on one thing—neither of us wants a serious relationship. We make a promise to keep things casual, and it works great. Until one of us breaks our pact…

THREE irresistible billionaires in a scorching box set filled with steamy adventures!

These small-town billionaires will sweep you off your feet.

Each book stands alone, promising a satisfying experience with no cheating or cliffhangers. Enjoy the steamy journey, a guaranteed happily ever after, and included epilogues!

This box set includes:
1. One Night Stand with a Billionaire
2. Fake Fiancée of a Billionaire
3. Secret Proposal from a Billionaire

What is it like for an Alien to go on vacation Earth-style?
DaR and the others are about to find out, let the giggles begin.

This book,… as all others in this series… has extreme triggers and is intended for a mature audience only! Most can be read as stand-alone, but they are much better if read together.

Growing up with four older brothers made me an expert in handling difficult patients at the hospital. My newest project is Dash, the brooding tattooed hunk with amnesia. He knows all of two things—his name and he was knocked out in an underground boxing match. But behind those swinging fists lies a lost soul desperate for light. When he’s transferred to a home for memory loss patients, I become his lifeline. My days off turn into adventures chasing his past by visiting local boxing gyms. A stolen kiss makes me ache to heal more than just his mind. But a future isn’t possible until he knows who he is. I’ll do everything to help him with his past, even if that means I can’t be a part of his future.

Complete five book series of the Luvluck Novellas

Luck? Finding himself with a flat cell phone battery, no charger or email passwords, and only his sister’s phone number banked in his memory, without his entourage to help him, Jamie Fontaine felt fresh out of luck. The rock star’s private flight had been diverted from Belfast to Dublin during an unseasonably, heavy snow storm. Finding himself alone, Jamie felt vulnerable due to his famous status and the lack of communication, until a hotel receptionist at a full hotel took pity and put in a call to her friend for him. As a favor, Irish pub landlady Daisy O’Donnell reluctantly agreed to put the desperate, overseas traveler up for the night, But, hard working Daisy believed nothing in life came for free, so she bargained that he could have bed and board in exchange for him working as a glass collector that night, during what she suspected would be one of her busiest nights of the year—her St. Patrick’s day ceilidh. However the last thing Daisy had expected was for her rock star crush, lodger to walk through the door

After being run off the road by a wolf-like monster, Cam returns to Loch Ness with a new mystery to unravel. A snooping team of monster hunters further threatens The Lucky Teapot’s tranquillity and Cam fears for Lachlan’s safety if they discover his supernatural secret. Despite the distractions, Cam is determined to make the most of every moment in Lachlan’s company. He knows he’s falling too fast and too hard, and the thought of losing it all troubles him almost as much as the strange distance behind Lachlan’s easy smile. Just as it seems Lachlan’s walls are crumbling, their deepening relationship is jeopardised by the reveal of a dark curse in the Walker family… one that holds Cam’s very life in the balance. Lachlan and Cam must confront their feelings for one another and find a way to break the curse before their chance at happiness quite literally goes up in flames.

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