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When Johnny left small town Winchester, Colorado, years ago to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star, he also left his best friend Katie behind. They’ve stayed in touch…but, as the years pass, Katie realizes the torch she’s carried for him all these years must be extinguished. That affection has been one-sided, after all. Still, they maintain a solid friendship even across the miles, Katie remaining the biggest cheerleader of his success as his star rises. Johnny comes home on occasion, sometimes to lick his wounds, other times to reconnect with friends and family, and Katie is always number one on his list. But this time when Johnny returns, Katie senses he has a hidden agenda. And, as their night together progresses, she completely forgets that she’s engaged to another man. But that’s not something she can keep to herself forever…

Michael “Tex” Penn comes under fire when a mission goes bad and the Navy pilot embedded with the team is killed in action. The pilot’s wife, the daughter of an influential senator, wants answers the Navy has forbidden him to give. The OP was as black as night and Top Secret classified. A JAG officer and her partner are assigned to investigate the case to determine what happened during the mission and why the pilot died. In steps Lieutenant Nora Wilson, blonde, blue-eyed and in charge, the kind of confident woman who stirs his blood. But she’s the enemy. She wants his team to spill the details which goes against everything he’s been taught.  (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)


Lily Easton’s series of lackluster boyfriends ended three years ago with the ex from hell—self-absorbed, thoughtless, and seriously bad in bed. After she dumped him, he told everyone in their small town she was the horrible lover. Being made the dating-pool pariah allowed her to focus on her goal of becoming the first female mayor of Black Wolf’s Bluff, but with that accomplished, the arrival of Lily’s fortieth birthday is a stark reminder of everything she’s still lacking: love, commitment, and some seriously intense orgasms. He’s here to do a job. John David Lane walked away from Black Wolf’s Bluff thirty years ago, determined to find his own success and leave behind the family who hated him. Now he’s back, but not to stay. He plans to turn the family estate he has inherited into a high-end resort, the kind that would completely transform this backwoods town. To succeed, he’ll need the help of the “lady mayor,” but he didn’t count on the desire for something far more personal with Lily than political negotiations.

After years of grinding, I finally secured a recording contract. But I have to pay my dues by playing corporate events before I’ll see my name on an album cover. The thought of playing guitar for a bunch of suits sounded like a nightmare. Then I discovered that the woman of my dreams would be signing my paychecks. Tori Castalon, the gorgeous, self-made CEO, heiress to a media empire—who is so much more than her bank account. Soon, we’re playing with fire, hiding something that could sink both our careers. Tori’s family is dead set against her fraternizing with common folk, and the company wants her head. They all want me to walk away. They think I’m worthless at best and a liability at worst. But they don’t know me. I’m no quitter. Tori is carrying my baby now, and all the money in the world couldn’t keep me away.

When Lieutenant Ambrosia “Sia” Soto returns from an investigation into a “pilot error” case aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. James McCloud, she comes face to face with NCIS Special Agent and former lover, Christophe Vargas, the man who was involved in an F-18 Fighter Jet accident that took her brother’s life six years ago. But when another incident aboard the carrier involves the death of a senator’s son whose plane crashed into the deck on a routine training mission, she’s now required to return to the carrier with Chris in tow to face a cunning and dangerous foe. Bombarded both personally and professionally, Sia must trust her instincts and suppress the feelings that surface for her enigmatic and sexy partner.

I love to hate this grumpy billionaire hiring me as the new nanny. Unfortunately, my body is betraying me now, just like it did when we first met six years ago. So, there I am, stepping into Ryan Stiller’s mansion – Mr. Tall, Dark, and Hockey – Damn, did he age well, he’s like a walking advertisement for sinful temptations. He has a brooding gaze and a body that screams ‘trouble’ in a tailored suit. Seeing him with his daughter, all soft and caring, is messing with my head. He’s the same guy who shattered my heart, but now he’s showing this heart-melting daddy side, making my knees tremble. Every smoldering look, every accidental brush of his hand is a wildfire I’m trying not to fan. I keep telling myself, Stay strong, girl. You need this job to pay the bills. Yet each day, he shows a new mature side of the man he’s become. The thought of us being a real deal this time around may not be as terrifying as it is exciting. Although, that’s not what I came here to do.

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