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When Lady Diana Stafford saves the Earl of Ballantine from highwaymen’s attack on his coach, a chance meeting leads to a diverting friendship with the earl the following London Season. However, this Season, Diana faces a deadline. Her father considers his fiery daughter troublesome and plans to marry Diana to the man of his choice. Diana has other ideas. Take a lover, and she could have lovely memories of romance before a dull marriage. Those plans become secondary, though, when she hears that her dearest friend has been kidnapped. Everyone believes that the marquess’s daughter has been killed—except Diana. But she requires a gentleman to help her search for her friend. Who better than Lord Ballantine? There’s more to the gentleman than meets the eye—and Diana is certain he desires her. Damian Beaufort, Earl of Ballantine, works for the Crown. He wishes to continue his dangerous missions, which makes having a wife and family impossible. In pursuit of a spy loose in London who has stolen documents meant for English forces in Spain, Damian could find his life in danger. He must resist the lady he wants very much.

Five years ago, my brother’s best friend, Nathan, invited me over.
Next thing I knew, I was breathless beneath him, lost in the most intense pleasure. He then vanished, chasing his tech dreams, and left me with a little surprise, pregnant. Now, Nathan’s back in town, a Billionaire and still smoking hot. Desperate and broke he offers “help,” and the little guy and I move into his swanky apartment. Turns out, Nathan 2.0 isn’t the self-absorbed jerk I remember.
He’s a bedtime-story-reading godsend and an absolute hit with our son. Living together, resisting each other? Yeah, right… The way his shirt stretches across those broad shoulders, it practically begs to be ripped off. The tension between us is unbearable, and eventually, we give in. But guilt, resentment, and a secret the size of a five-year-old simmer beneath the surface. Nathan deserves to know about his son, but I’m afraid he might vanish for good this time.

I’m a guy that sets a goal and achieves it, so when I was runner up for the Heisman Trophy and lost the National Championship game, I knew I would be back in a Stallions uniform for my senior year. Failure is not in my DNA.
This year—zero distractions—period. My unexpected savior—my best friend’s twin sister and my new roommate. My idea to pretend she’s my girlfriend to keep the swarm of college hotties away is genius, since she’s completely off limits. All I need is someone to pucker up and smile for the cameras. Don’t get me wrong –I’ve been fantasizing about her since the first moment I saw her, but now her body is pressed against me, and unfamiliar feelings rattle against my ribcage. I will not lose focus. National Championship. Heisman Trophy. #1 Pick in the NFL draft. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A storm wreaks havoc on our small town of Oak Glen. Hunter, the dedicated single father and volunteer, battles the elements with determination. When a crucial tip comes my way, I brave the storm to find him. We’re thrown together, awaiting the storm’s lull. Without warning sparks ignite in unexpected places. Beneath his tough exterior lies a man worth uncovering. His protective instincts stir a warmth in my heart. A feeling I thought I’d lost forever. I vowed to never let a man close enough to hurt me or my daughters again. Now I stand at a crossroads, torn between a safe life and an uncertain love. A choice that could change everything.

A new job, a new town, and a grumpy ex-boyfriend who took my v-card years ago— not the new adventure I was looking for. Walking into Ryan’s office feels like stepping back in time,
only now he’s even more daddy-licious with his silver fox vibe and million-dollar suit. He talks business but his seductive eyes hint at more. So when he asks me to be his fake wife to seal a deal, I can’t refuse. The way he dotes on his little girl makes me want to play wifey for real, and now she’s stealing my heart too. His tall and powerful physique crumbles my defenses faster than I can say ‘bad idea,
making it impossible to maintain a professional distance. Now I’m staring at two pink lines. But before I can tell him, he says he’s happy just the way things are

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