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When I discover that my fiancé is a lying, cheating pig, I’m absolutely shocked… and devastated. I’m in for even more of a shock when his arch enemy, a man with sinful eyes, approaches me with a proposition—dating him to get back at my ex. No way is that a good idea. But one drunken night, I finally relent and say yes to his crazy plan. You know… the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. Getting sweet revenge on my jerk of an ex is an absolute blast. But one thing I didn’t see coming? This odd alliance turning into something more. Or am I just fooling myself again?

Win a dream vacation + $20,000 just for making a blind date look amazing online? Sure, I’ll take a chance on a Valentine’s contest. I don’t know if I believe in matchmaking… until I see my partner. He is my date? A refined, older, wealthy businessman who has no idea how hot he is? Sure, he’s gorgeous, but we’re a complete mismatch. Whatever… I’m sure I can fake my way through one night with a seductive stranger. Alex just entered this contest as a favor to the Matchmaker. After a few hours, there’s no denying the wild force pulling the two of us closer. Especially when we’re accidentally locked up together… and everything seems possible. Are we still just playing the game or not? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Which is why the broody rock star made it clear he had no interest in long-term commitments. It wasn’t his fault he had women falling all over him despite that. It was a consequence of both the rock star lifestyle and the fact he knew exactly what he was doing in the bedroom. As far as Jude was concerned, with his band and a steady stream of admirers, he had it made. But that soon changed when bandmate and best friend, Levi, received some life-changing information that could disrupt the band’s current tour. Offering his support immediately, Jude very quickly found himself tested with a connection he found impossible to ignore. Esther Milligan should never have been on his radar, —she’s his best friend’s little sister and severely off limits—and although he fought their attraction, the pull toward her was just too strong. … (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

War taught me there are things worth fighting for, and Natalie is one of them. I was drawn to her the day I hired her, and keeping my distance has been difficult. We’re total opposites, but after spending days working on this conservation project together, I can’t get enough of her. She’s a free-spirited nomad who fears being tied down, even by love. I’m damaged in so many ways. If she finds out my secrets, I will lose her forever. What I should do is walk away before her life is ruined. I can see my happily ever after in her eyes. But, do I deserve it?

Welcome to Pride Cruise 2024!

Where the water is crisp, the men are HOT, and the party has started! Each book is a standalone but feel free and dive in and binge them all. You won’t want to miss a second of their naughty antics. If you think they’re silly when the sun is up, just wait until it goes down. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

What do my childhood bully, an ex, a shunned pack healer, and my deceased father’s best friend have in common? They’re all part of the new clan I’m promised to. A prophecy from the pack witch sees me ripped from my college graduation, drugged, and brought home. Thrust into the spotlight of a pack that despised me for being the sole survivor of a house fire that ended two powerful bloodlines, I’m out of my element. Forced to choose between the start of Ragnarök or my own desires, I embark on a journey with men I don’t want or trust. As the corruption and threats come from the shadows, the options become clear, find common ground or become pawns in a game far bigger than ourselves. Why does the greater good have to be so freaking painful?

I’m Luca Turner, rising star in the advertising world and king of one-night stands, and I have one rule: never mix business with pleasure. Especially with Liv Lancaster, my fiery, whip-smart rival who challenges me at every turn. Liv says we’re a mistake waiting to happen, and she’s right. She says our ambitions will always overshadow our feelings, and she’s right. She says she’s not cut out for love… She’s wrong. Liv is a fever in my blood, an addiction I can’t seem to shake. She sets my body ablaze and my heart racing, making me crave things I never thought I wanted. Like a future. With her. But when a big promotion threatens to pit us against each other, I’m forced to decide what matters most: my career goals or the woman who’s captured my heart. Can I convince Liv to take a chance on us, or will our competitive natures tear us apart?

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