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First impressions can be hard to overcome. Olivia Wakefield took the job at the prestigious and world renowned Prey Security under false pretenses. She always knew there was a chance she could be found out. What she didn’t expect was for her sexy boss to put her in prison, or to find herself directly in the crosshairs of a dangerous terrorist. Now she’ll have to rely on said boss to keep her alive, problem is she doesn’t trust him. Eagle Oswald takes his responsibilities seriously. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to protect his family and his company, including locking up the woman he hasn’t been able to get out of his head since she came to work for him six months ago, even though his gut tells him there’s more going on than meets the eye. When Olivia is threatened he will stop at nothing to protect her. Keeping her safe should be easy, earning her trust and winning her heart won’t be.

Former Black Ops SEAL Bridger North has no life. Three years after being forced out of the military, his tight-knit black ops team scattered, he’s a man adrift. Until an old teammate begs a favor. Bridger agrees to help his friend Jason stop a blackmailer from ruining a small town’s pastor, but when Bridger arrives in Redemption Creek, Jason has disappeared, leaving his stunning sister in a world of danger. Redemption Creek: Where ranches run forever, granite peaks touch the sky, and wounded hearts seek home. Betrayed by their superiors, the former soldiers of Black-out Squadron are determined to carve out new lives. Their plan? Seek justice for folks who can’t fight their own battles. Start this clean, actions-adventure, Christian romantic suspense series now!

READER NOTE: Hidden Sins was previously published in the multi-author anthology SMALL TOWN DANGER

Win a dream vacation + $20,000 just for making a blind date look amazing online? Sure, I’ll take a chance on a Valentine’s contest. I don’t know if I believe in matchmaking… until I see my partner. He is my date? A refined, older, wealthy businessman who has no idea how hot he is? Sure, he’s gorgeous, but we’re a complete mismatch. Whatever… I’m sure I can fake my way through one night with a seductive stranger. Alex just entered this contest as a favor to the Matchmaker. After a few hours, there’s no denying the wild force pulling the two of us closer. Especially when we’re accidentally locked up together… and everything seems possible.

Are we still just playing the game or not?

Five years ago, I lost my husband in a car accident and became a single mom of a two-year-old. I promised I would take good care of my daughter and never looked back. I became the top event planner in the company and got the opportunity of a lifetime. But I didn’t know it would be with himAdrian Bennet – The grumpy billionaire who almost got me fired when I was a newbie years ago. He is an intoxicatingly handsome single dad, but totally off-limits. Sparks fly as we clash, but we can’t keep our eyes off of each other. The more we spend time together, the harder it is to push him away. A hug turns into a kiss, and before we know it, he pins me against the wall in his office. Now my work and his reputation are at risk. And to top it all off, I just got the news that will turn our worlds upside downI’m pregnant….

She’s half my age.
She’s my best friend’s daughter.
She’s off limits, and she’s stranded in my cabin…

When Izzie turns up at my cabin all youthful energy and sunshine, I can barely face her. But no matter how grumpy I am, I can’t drive her away. Not when the biggest storm in a generation is brewing. Izzie’s the reason I live up here on the mountain, hidden away. She’s the only woman I desire and we’re stranded in my cabin. But Izzie’s father is my best friend. If only he knew what I want to do to his daughter…

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