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Meet the Harts of San Francisco: a warm, close-knit family of firefighters, first responders, and their animal friends. Sweet and family oriented, the Hart family sticks together while love finds its way to their doorstep with the pitter patter of little paws. (sweet romances PG-rating). (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I’m a hunter, and I thought I knew everything there was about vampires, but I was dead wrong. Where blood flows, the sin of gluttony follows, and my brother and I are caught in its deadly thirst. My twin brother, Damon, and I grew up in the shadows of the supernatural, trained by our father, a legendary hunter and an Elder in a world you wouldn’t believe exists. Our lives? A relentless pursuit of the things that go bump in the night, ever since we lost our mom to a vampire’s fangs when we were just kids. But now, Dad’s gone missing, and we’re on a treacherous path to find him. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

For seven years, my life has revolved around one thing: raising my spirited little sister. Dating is on the back burner, at least until she graduates.
But when Scott, the cute next-door neighbor, bursts into my world, everything changes. His adventurous nature lures me out of my comfort zone. His kindness, to my sister and me, melts my guarded heart. He sees past my tough exterior and challenges me to let go and live. But he holds a secret that connects us in ways I could never imagine. His life is filled with danger where any call could be his last. And my sister is my main priority.
If I let him extinguish my fears, then maybe we can create a love story worth telling. And if I can’t, I could lose him forever and let these flames of love burn out before they truly begin.

A storm wreaks havoc on our small town of Oak Glen. Hunter, the dedicated single father and volunteer, battles the elements with determination.
When a crucial tip comes my way, I brave the storm to find him. We’re thrown together, awaiting the storm’s lull. Without warning sparks ignite in unexpected places. Beneath his tough exterior lies a man worth uncovering. His protective instincts stir a warmth in my heart. A feeling I thought I’d lost forever. I vowed to never let a man close enough to hurt me or my daughters again. Now I stand at a crossroads, torn between a safe life and an uncertain love. A choice that could change everything.

I knew that avoiding him wouldn’t be easy. He’s my best friend’s brother, a billionaire hockey star, and the first and only ever to break my heart. Now, on injury time-out, Asher is my accidental partner and fake fiancée in a charity baking contest. What a time to re-enter the spotlight. He’s the same grumpy alpha I left behind at college, yet his charm now comes with a hint of vulnerability. Every look and accidental contact sparks our old flame, burning hotter than ever. Our daughter is my guarded secret. If he discovers his spitting image, our shaky world could be set on fire. Each day, the act we put on for the cameras blurs into something dangerously real. The stakes are sky-high, but so is the heat between us. … (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

The day Brodie Kent kissed me was the beginning but also the end. Heartbroken and angry doesn’t come close to how I felt when he left town, and me, to pursue his football dreams. Fine. Good. He has his life. And I have mine. Except, Brodie’s mega-star, hard-partying player’s flirty love-life is all over the news and social media channels. He’s pretty hard to ignore. Annoyingly, his boyish good looks are on every screen and other people’s phones. Then, years after Our Kiss, and out of the blue, Brodie is back in Oak River. Cool. I can handle it. I am not falling for his charms again. But a teenage crush is a powerful thing and perhaps Brodie Kent is not the guy in the gossip section of national news. There’s another reason why he left town and stayed away. Maybe I’ll find out when we’re camping alone together. But wait a minute… There’s only one tent.

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