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As a celebrated astronaut, I’ve unraveled the enigmas of the cosmos. But the puzzle of what makes relationships work? That’s always eluded me. I’m more comfortable studying life’s building blocks than navigating the perplexing world of human emotions. After a scandal at my job, I return to my small hometown a disgraced outcast. But then I meet Abigail Baker.

My captivating new neighbor is everything I’m not – warm, emotionally attuned, and able to charm an entire town with her vibrant spirit. With her quick wit and generous heart, she sees right through my gruff exterior to the wounded man beneath. The more time we spend together, the more I begin to hope that maybe I’m not a lost cause.

But I’ve never been good at love, and when ghosts from my past threaten our budding connection, I’ll have to prove to Abigail, and myself, that I’m willing to change and open my heart. Is it too late for this science nerd to learn the equations of love and become the partner she deserves?

I’m a man of order. Control.
I like things the way I like them,
And with the amount of money and power I have,
That’s never an issue.

Until I met Nova Blankenship, The tempting hostess at the tropical resort I’m staying at. It’s been a while since my urges to dominate have been awakened, and Nova is exactly the kind of woman that could use a man’s strong hand to soothe out her rough edges. Work hard, play harder. Those are the only words I live by.
But the more I try to break down her barriers, to own her body and soul… The more I realize that in the end, she might be the one owning me.

London, 1815: where magic can be purchased at convenience, and the fashionable and wealthy descend for the start of the social Season. But 25-year-old Gavin Hartford finds the city intimidating when he arrives, alone, to his family’s townhouse. The only company he seeks is in his beloved books and weekly letters to his sister, Gerry.

Then dashing man-about-town Charles Kentworthy gallantly rescues Gavin from a foolish drunken mishap and turns his life upside-down. With Mr. Kentworthy, Gavin finds himself discussing poetry and magic, confessing his fears about marriage, expanding his social circle to shocking proportions — and far outside his comfort zone.

When family responsibility comes knocking, Gavin’s future looms over him, filled with uncertainty. As he grapples with growing feelings for his new friend, Gavin will need to be honest with Mr. Kentworthy — but he’ll need the courage to be honest with himself first.

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