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I was supposed to meet with my blackmailer. Instead, I met my match.


Alexander Gregory is handsome, wealthy, and intimidating as hell. He is also desperately looking for a new nanny for his daughter, Beatrice. He is not the man I thought I was meeting, and I am definitely not the woman he was supposed to interview, but I somehow end up getting the job anyway. Meanwhile, the man who has been threatening to release incriminating photos of me is still out there. I am just too busy being attracted to my new boss to pay attention…

Falling for the nanny is a complication I didn’t predict. Mildred is too young for me, too curvy for her own good, and too good with Beatrice not to notice. But as a man with plenty of demons of his own and a particularly nasty divorce under his belt, I am not fond of secrets. And Mildred seems to be hiding a big one. Too bad I want her in my bed anyway. Even if her secret tears us apart…

Their Touch
They share everything. Including her.
Roman and Flynn have been looking for their forever girl for years now but no one has ever caught their eye. Not until they meet Aspen. Have they finally found their happily ever after.

Her Touch
They’re meant to be… if only she realized that.
With one look, Lincoln is hooked. He’s never wanted anything as badly as he wants Adeline. She’s skittish though. Will he be able to show her that they’re meant to be together?

His Touch
She’s afraid of commitment, until she meets him…
Bryson has been in love with Bianca since he first met her. Now that he’s been hired to keep her safe, he knows that it’s finally his chance to show her how perfect they are together. She’s it for him. Now if he could just convince her to give him a chance.

Stranded in a rainstorm with my damaged boss, we can’t keep our hands off each other. My brother’s grumpy billionaire best friend and I grew up ready to kill each other at any moment. Austin’s adorable seven-year-old son is his only redeeming quality. As an intern at his company, I get the rare opportunity to explore Paris on a business trip. But there’s a catch: I must share the villa with him. We successfully avoid each other until the storm hits. I feel his piercing gaze steal glances at my soaked dress. When his lips brush mine, his gorgeous smirk sends my heart fluttering. My brain screams no, but my thighs clench yes, please. My defensive walls crumble in one wild night. But falling for him risks too many hearts, including his son and my brother’s. If he can’t get over his haunted past, our happiness may be shattered before it even begins.

Getting hot and steamy with the new officer in town should keep me safe… right?
With just two of us in the mountains all alone, I’ll let him do whatever he wants to me.

Jason, the rugged mountain man cop, bought the cabin I was renting to own.
I needed a place to stay and he offers to let me rent a room.
With nowhere else to go, I have to agree to his terms.

When trouble strikes our small town,
Jason is put on the case.
My offer to help puts me in a danger he’s not willing to accept.

Our chemistry is too much for a tiny cabin.
Our hot affair feels like more than that.
I’m finally on the verge of getting everything I’ve ever wanted.

But when Jason’s psycho ex-wife shows up,
I may never get the chance to tell him I’m pregnant with his baby.

What is it like for an Alien to go on vacation Earth-style?
DaR and the others are about to find out, let the giggles begin.

This book,… as all others in this series… has extreme triggers and is intended for a mature audience only! Most can be read as stand-alone, but they are much better if read together.

Growing up in small-town Iowa, I was the good girl, always doing the right thing, never straying into temptation. Living on the family farm and engaged to my high school sweetheart—the perfect life for the perfect farmer’s daughter.

Until my wedding day when my fiancé left me at the altar with only a note saying I was too safe, too dull. That he wanted more out of life than our boring existence, his act of defiance was the push I desperately needed to take a walk on the Wildside.

One year later and I’m living in New Orleans. Working at the hottest bar on Bourbon Street, “Sweet Cocktails.” Serving my signature cocktail, “The Cucumber Martini.” It’s a tribute to all the single ladies looking for a “real cucumber”  for the night. …

Not one to mix business with pleasure because deep down inside, I’m still that good Midwestern girl I was raised to be, but how am I supposed to ignore the way my body reacts to working side by side by side with my one-night stands? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to give up my amazing life and move back to Lilly Leaf Falls. But sometimes when life gives you lemons, you just have to throw it all away and start over…because what’s lemonade without the sugar? Now, I’m here and constantly at odds with the new mechanic in town who seems to hate me for some unknown reason. Everyone in town seems to love Jack, though, and I am public enemy number one. They all want to know what happened to incur my fall from grace, but it’s none of their business. I like my secrets. And apparently, Jack has some of his own. It’s the one thing that we could actually bond over. That is, if we can stop hating each other long enough.

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