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Four Wedding Bells Alpha Novels for your reading pleasure…
Book 1 – Say You Do
My brother is an idiot—he’s getting married.
Book 2 – She’s Mine Now
He’s known as Doctor Sexy. Great. Just what I need.
Book 3 – Don’t You Dare
He’s a playboy like no other…
Book 4 – Promise it All
Best part about being a best man at a wedding? The hot bridesmaids.

Returning to my small hometown to help my best friend plan her wedding to my brother is exciting—until my old flame shows up. Although the sight of Adam makes my heart flutter, there will be no relationship between us. I’m in town for a short time to help with the wedding and to recover from the loss of my art business. Since he’s my brother’s best friend, that makes him off limits in my book. He was my everything in high school, and It’s beginning to feel the same. I found myself having to spend a lot of time planning the wedding with him. I can tell he still has feelings for me by the way he looks and touches me. I know my feelings have grown strong for him. I want my own art gallery again, but this small town isn’t where the action is. My heart is torn because if I leave for an art career, I will lose him.

He’s a world famous professional quarterback in his breakout rookie season, in need of a distraction from his crazy life before playing on the biggest stage of his life, the Super Bowl. She’s the identical twin sister of a world famous Pop Princess, secretly filling in for her twin for a few days while her sister recovers from a bout of pneumonia. Their words collide in a whir-lwind romance until he discovers her deceit, ending their relationship. Five months later, their worlds collide again in the most unlikely of places. Can he win her back, or will this sexy quarterback end up playing second string to her new love interest?

Running away from my wedding led me right into the arms of the town’s grumpy bartender. Three years away and I’m back in Pebble Point, fleeing from an engagement that wasn’t meant to be. Leo Winters, my almost-more-than-friends, is now the brooding bar owner. He’s changed, and so have I. His gruff exterior hides a heart I once knew. His silent presence challenges my constant chatter. We’re opposites in every way, yet something sparks between us. He’s on the brink of losing his bar, and I’m still figuring out my next step. Can we face our present troubles and find a future together? Or will our secrets destroy our chance at love?
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