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When struggling waitress Gloria witnesses a brutal mob killing, she becomes the obsession of the wealthy and powerful mafia kingpin Gino Ricci who decides to use the current situation to get Gloria in his bed. When Gino threatens to kill her loved ones if she doesn’t become his mistress, Gloria is thrust into Gino’s secretive world where deviance has no limit.

Brent Dominic, Raving Havoc’s lead singer, is filthy rich and a tattooed playboy with the kind of charisma that has women melting at his feet. I’m a nerdy good girl, shy and boring. I can’t take a man home if my life depended on it. That’s why I agreed to my bestie’s suggestion for a girls-only tropical vacation. Brent crashes our trip to escape his latest scandal and lay low until it blows over. Imagine bumping into the man who has been driving me wild for years. When he witnesses my zero flirting skills, he offers to help me out. A secret fake relationship to teach me how to be appealing to men. Except the paparazzi plasters it all over social media. Now, my best friend is overprotective and wants me to end it.

Stranded in a rainstorm with my damaged boss, we can’t keep our hands off each other. My brother’s grumpy billionaire best friend and I grew up ready to kill each other at any moment. Austin’s adorable seven-year-old son is his only redeeming quality. As an intern at his company, I get the rare opportunity to explore Paris on a business trip. But there’s a catch: I must share the villa with him. We successfully avoid each other until the storm hits. I feel his piercing gaze steal glances at my soaked dress. When his lips brush mine, his gorgeous smirk sends my heart fluttering. My brain screams no, but my thighs clench yes, please. My defensive walls crumble in one wild night. But falling for him risks too many hearts, including his son and my brother’s. If he can’t get over his haunted past, our happiness may be shattered before it even begins.

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