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When Dad’s best friend and I end up in a hotel room together, the start of my summer was suddenly a lot more exciting than I expected! Ethan drove me home from university, and I assumed the road trip would be a fun little adventure. But due to a highway closure, he thought it would be safest for us to stay overnight in a hotel. In the last room available. In the only bed. Together. Naturally, I was going to have intense feelings for the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen, who touched me as if I already belonged to him. He insisted on being a perfect gentleman, but it was clear he wanted me. It was impossible not to give in to a passion that was bigger than both of us. But was it just for the weekend? He was extremely wealthy and ran two companies. Could he be genuinely interested in me? And if he was, which one of us would break it to his old university roommate and best friend – my Dad? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

When Avery Mathis moves to town to fix up the old house her father left her, I never expected she would hire me to be the handyman. After twenty years as a Navy SEAL, my resume didn’t exactly scream “perfect candidate for the job”. But she gave it to me anyway, and I’m quickly learning that she’s more than just my gorgeous boss. She’s goofy and rambles on about the most random stuff, but I find it oddly charming and can’t seem to get enough. Even though I know I should stay away from her and keep our relationship professional, she seems to be the only thing that calms my troubled soul. I smile more when I’m around her and long for her when I’m not. She’s quickly becoming my peace, something I wasn’t sure I’d ever find again. And when trouble comes knocking, regarding her mysterious father, I know that I’ll do anything to protect her.

What’s more thrilling than a steamy one-night stand with a mysterious stranger? When that stranger is grumpy billionaire rockstar Blake Hunter. After a scathing review of his latest album, Blake publicly calls out his enemy and anonymous critic—me. But when we’re forced into a heated backstage interview during a power outage, sparks fly, and a deal is struck: help him write his best album yet or quit music journalism for good. As we clash creatively, the tension between us ignites into a passion neither can deny. But amidst the fiery romance, winning the heart of Blake’s daughter proves to be a challenge. His feisty and protective daughter is the apple of this daddy’s eye. With every encounter, the connection deepens, sparking electricity and excitement. When the secret of our masked encounter is revealed, it threatens to unravel my career and our newfound love.

I just found out I’m carrying my boss’s baby. To start a new life for myself and my little girl, I left my hometown with a broken heart. I promised to work hard to take good care of myself and my daughter. But little did I know my boss would be him. Kane Simmon. A grumpy billionaire and my ex’s older brother. He is totally off-limits, but we can’t keep our eyes off each other. One heated argument turns into a kiss, and the next thing I know, I’m pinned to his desk in his office. I deny it as a one-time fling, but I know it’s a lie. Especially now that I’m pregnant with his baby…

Sacrifice. Valor. Patriotism. They fought courageously on the battlefield. Now they’re fighting for love. We are a group of Veterans and Veterans’ family members who are also bestselling and award-winning romance authors. We are back with our second limited edition, military holiday romance collection that also supports Soldiers’ Angels (whose mission is to provide aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their families.). Do you believe in Halloween magic? The stories in our second edition are contemporary military romance taking place around and during Halloween. From closely held secrets, to ghosts, sexy adult costume parties, and things that go bump in the night – this a bewitching “must have” collection. With various tropes and steam levels, there is something for every reader to enjoy.

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