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Ethan drove me home from university, and I assumed the road trip would be a fun little adventure. But due to a highway closure, he thought it would be safest for us to stay overnight in a hotel. In the last room available. In the only bed. Together. Naturally, I was going to have intense feelings for the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen, who touched me as if I already belonged to him. He insisted on being a perfect gentleman, but it was clear he wanted me. It was impossible not to give in to a passion that was bigger than both of us. But was it just for the weekend? He was extremely wealthy and ran two companies. Could he be genuinely interested in me? And if he was, which one of us would break it to his old university roommate and best friend – my Dad? I’d never disobeyed my father before. Ever. The only thing that mattered was the way Ethan held me, whispered in my ear, and treated me like a treasure that he was delighted to have discovered. Experiencing lust for the first time was exhilarating, but if it’s closely followed by love, it might be worth risking everything.

Jake felt that the deaths of his family was his fault. Later in life he tells himself that he does not deserve love. He promises to himself he will never love anyone and will never harm anyone he gets close to. This is when he puts his feelings aside and pursues life on his own terms. He becomes a professor of Archeology and a self-made billionaire. Now there is an issue where the company he has co-invested in has sent over a new executive to work with. Jake meets Samantha and there is friction from the start. Even worse he is refusing to accept her there. What more frustrating is that he is finding himself strongly attracted to her. Samantha has proven to the company that she can work well in a male dominating field. That is the reason that she has been promoted to executive of field assistance. She arrives at the job site and meets Jake. She feels and understands that Jake has no desire to work with a female but has been overruled that she is the best in the field. She tells herself she is up to the challenge. Even though Jake makes it clear with his unsavory attitude that she is not wanted. Samantha shows Jake through her work and presence he needs & wants her more than he expected.

Every time Miss Emma Fairley steps out on any social occasion, something goes wrong to the point that she has embarrassed herself so often, that she is almost afraid to step out again. Fading back into her friendships with the other wallflowers, she is ashamed of her clumsiness and laments the fact that she will never find a husband. A chance meeting with Viscount Yeatman, whose easy manner and quick smile makes the shame fade, brings her a connection she has never had before. Viscount Frederick Yeatman cannot help but be drawn to Miss Fairley, even though society whispers about her ungainly manner and various humiliations. Witnessing one supposed misstep on her part, he quickly realizes that there is something more going on. Drawn to her all the more, he tells her what he knows and the two resolve to find out the truth.

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