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My boss Grant O’Connell, the CEO of O’Connell, Thompson, and Taylor Enterprises, is sexy as sin. Too bad he’s also a tyrannical jerk. For the past year and a half, I’ve worked my ass off for him and obeyed his every command. But one day, out of the blue, he fires me. I later discover it’s because he found an unsent letter that I wrote to him – a letter that described all the dirty things I would like him to do to me…

Titan was sworn to protect his people. He couldn’t.
Now a dying shifter woman tells him he’s the only one who can help her.
He knows she’s wrong, but his heart won’t listen…
After Titan’s entire clan was killed by rogue panthers, he tried to start a new life with the Wild Blood Crew. But he can’t let go of the past that haunts him—or the belief that one day his gods will make him pay for his failure. He just hopes he won’t take anyone else down with him. Mari Jiang carries a demon’s curse buried within her, like a ticking time bomb—and it’s about to count down to zero. She knows she can’t be saved, but there’s one shaman who has the power to guide her spirit to the realms of her gods before the demon can drag it down into hell. When she first went looking for him, she had no idea how much danger she’d put him in, or what her request would cost him. And she had no idea of the instant connection that would pull them together. Titan is wild, sexy, caring, funny, and carrying a heartbreaking burden of guilt. Everyone keeps telling them both that the mating bond carries the most powerful healing magic in the world—but for them, it’s also the biggest risk. And Mari will do anything to keep her mate safe. When the time comes to choose, Titan knows what he’ll do. But it’s possible that giving everything he has still won’t be enough…

I took one summer to find myself. I found him… The past year had been hard, almost unbearable. Spending time in the Spanish sunshine with ladies similar to myself was a welcome opportunity to lick my wounds after my husband left. The woman I had become was not the person I wanted to be. Under the sun, I hoped to find myself again. I wanted to learn to have fun and be free once more. A summer of decadent drinks, lively conversation and unplanned time would hopefully be the remedy to my rock bottom. I never expected to gain the attention of a man twelve years my junior. If Max Gordon was a flavor of ice cream, he would be raspberry ripple – my favorite – sweet with utter naughtiness at its core. He became an unexpected experience on my once-in-a-lifetime trip. Our relationship was fun and unexpected. He made me feel alive once more. Perhaps life was only just beginning, but my head told me a woman my age should not be fooling around with a man like him. My heart had other ideas, forcing difficult decisions to be made. Would I be able to leave my summer fling behind when it was time to go home?

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