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Five years ago, I saw her for the first time and I knew she was the one. I managed to keep my distance. Until now. When a group of tourists starts harassing Martha, my protective instincts kick in. There’s no way I’m going to let her out of my sight until they leave. I’ve been in love with her for years, even though someone with my past doesn’t deserve a woman like her. But every single minute I spend with her, I get more and more greedy, wanting to claim her for myself.

One football player. One personal assistant turned nanny. Too much tension to mention.

Paxton: I was used to women coming and going in my life, but when a baby I never knew existed landed in my lap, I turned to the one woman I could always count on. For more than a year, Avery has run every aspect of my life seamlessly, with a poise and grace I’d never truly appreciated until I saw her holding my child. Before my eyes, she morphed from personal assistant extraordinaire to hot mama material and I needed her like never before.

Avery: Like every other female who’d seen him, I was attracted to Paxton Gentry, my boss, the NFL player, who barely paid attention to me. When his ex left Molly with us, I knew they were a package deal and I’d never seen a more perfect package. Suddenly, the man who’d never noticed me wanted me to move in, care for his child, and seemed to be hinting at so much more.

When Zane sets his sights on Selena, the new intern that’s half his age, he knows he’s playing a dangerous game. When does dating your daughter’s best friend ever turn out good for anyone? A forbidden crush leads to secret meetings and intimate moments in the office. But with an ex-wife lurking with a suspicious eye and an unexpected pregnancy, how long can their secret affair last? In this intern workplace romance, Zane and Selena must navigate the consequences of their desires and decide if their love is worth risking everything for.

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