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I’m a sheltered mafia princess yearning for freedom. Nick’s a billionaire superstar who would never trade his supermodel arm-candies for someone like me. I know! My mom used to be one and I look nothing like her. My dad would punish and disown me if he found out about my dark fantasies. Yet I can’t stop dreaming about all the dirty things I want Nick to make me feel when he takes my V-card. So I craft the perfect plan to meet the man of my dreams at a fundraiser and seduce him. But when I get caught in the crossfire of a years-long feud, Nick rescues me. Putting his career and life on the line, he goes into hiding to make sure I’m safe. And that’s when I find out he hides dark secrets of his own. Can I put my life in the hands of a man who’s been lying to everyone for years? Can I afford not to give him my heart when he makes me feel all the things I fantasized about and so much more?

He’s a manager. I’m the lead singer of a band he’s giving a break to. He ends up being my protector. While I hate that I need protecting. He says he’s too old for me. I think I can prove him wrong. And then I have to move onto his bus after the stalker gets too close. Alone, just the two of us… it’s so much harder for him to ignore. I never thought I’d fall for the manager of the headlining band, but when it happens, I know what I want and am willing to go for it. One tour. Too many of my brothers. And a stalker who thinks I’m singing just for him. Lawson won’t be able to hide his feelings for long. And I’m not even going to try.


I know better than to mess up with my brother’s best friend, an off-limits single dad. But he is my fake fiancé and my second chance… I’ve hit rock bottom. I am sitting in the car, hungry and miserable. I cannot think of anyone who can help me out but my brother’s best friend. I dial him and ask to meet up. I haven’t seen him for ages but I’ve always had a soft spot for a guy. He’s a rich single dad, still reeling from an ugly divorce. And he is willing to take me under his wing but in return for a fake fiancée arrangement. I agree to pretend for a couple of years to keep his controlling parents off his back. But living together brings out old feelings and heat. I cannot resist him, and one night I give in to his intoxicating body. From now on, it’s getting harder to keep up a fake fiancée thing while being a real lover to him and a mommy to his daughter…

Marriage is the only escape… Scared and alone, I’ve been running from my past. The day my mother died, I left home and never looked back because there was nothing for me there but brutality and captivity. I manage to keep my identity hidden for a long time, but I feel like I’m starting to go crazy because I think the men from my past have found me. Presented with the opportunity to keep my identity concealed, I reach for it. After all, this marriage has been arranged and no one needs to know about my past. My secrets can stay buried forever.

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