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One stormy night in a new town with a hot stranger. Now I’m a fake fiancée to my new boss and next-door neighbor. A storm leaves me stranded one night with a seductive stranger. Next day at my new job, that stranger is grumpy billionaire CEO Matt Sterling. Turns out the green-eyed Adonis is my new neighbor, too. He’s broken and infuriating, but when I’m near him, my naughty bits tingle. He has a proposal: Be his fake fiancée. This silences his family about his bachelor status, and I pay Mom’s medical bills. As our facade deepens, so does my urge to ravish him. And when I brush against him, his body’s response is validating. Unknowingly, his uncle has just raised the stakes. Now, fake must become real to keep his legacy. But here’s a truth that will never be fake—his baby is on the way.

I can’t handle any more distractions, but my heart races for her. Who’s the curvy beauty who’s my new neighbor? Her strawberry scent drives me wild. My life’s in chaos after learning I have a five-year-old daughter from a one-night stand. Then I crash into Nicolia, the captivating woman next door. A night of steamy passion ensues, leaving me wanting more. Can I push away the one woman who makes my heart soar? Or will I surrender to the undeniable connection we share?

Can you feel the love in the air? If there’s one thing I dislike more than flying, it’s being hungover. So, here I am stuck between two snoring men, a crying baby and a child who won’t stop kicking my seat. Did I mention my headache from hell? I’m heading to Rome! This should not be happening. As if that isn’t enough, my seatmate opens his dark, soul-searching eyes only to grumble at each and every move I make. Hah, my shoulder is not a drool pad, pal. The more I squirm in a vain attempt to get comfortable, the grumpier he gets. I think I’ve just found my new favourite game. Marco’s the definition of an Italian hunk. His dark curly-hair, sun-kissed skin, and deep Italian accent, might have me singing another tune. With each grumble he makes, my body zings in awareness. Who knows… This trip just might not be a disaster after all.

Zane “Whiskey” Thomas never expected to need a nanny. Not until he became an instant single dad to the infant niece he didn’t even know about. Which brought Ellery Grace into his life. She was too young for him and didn’t know anything about motorcycle clubs. But that wasn’t going to stop Whiskey from claiming Ellery.

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