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To escape the bitter division of loyalties in her family during the war, Anna Kate Monroe accepts an invitation to serve as a companion to her spinster aunt in Cedar Falls, Texas. She meets a handsome fellow traveler, whose charming company makes the long train ride west an adventure she doesn’t want to end. Even more surprising is the discovery that they are heading to the same small town. Captain Gregory Armstrong has been sent undercover from the north to investigate the claim that several prominent southern families are financing a major supply route to enemy troops. When his investigation leads him straight to Anna Kate’s doorstep, he has no choice but to follow her and his suspicions all the way to Cedar Falls. To explain his presence, he pretends to be a potential new investor in a profitable western railroad spur. As the evidence mounts against his lovely target and her family, he grapples with an unexpected attraction to her that will test his mettle as both a spy and a gentleman of honor. 

Haunting red eyes and forgotten memories. Patience, the mysterious witch, crosses paths with the seductive vampire, Lucius. An unspoken attraction ignites, forbidden desires entangle, and the fear of the unknown looms large. United by a dangerous mission, they embark on a quest to secure the soul gem and rescue their loved ones. As their paths entwine, long-guarded secrets unfurl, revealing a connection beyond their wildest imaginings. But can Patience convince Lucius that her life holds more value than her death?

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they like to be touched. How much power does a simple touch possess? When Hannah Hayes put in her bid at the charity auction little did she know she’d impulsively won an auction for one unforgettable night, or that being touched could be so transformative. Ptero and Jackal understand the incredible power of physical contact. They understand its ability to awaken desires never experienced before. Will Hannah be ready to accept this challenge, or will she discover that the power of touching can be too much to handle?

Zane “Whiskey” Thomas never expected to need a nanny. Not until he became an instant single dad to the infant niece he didn’t even know about. Which brought Ellery Grace into his life. She was too young for him and didn’t know anything about motorcycle clubs. But that wasn’t going to stop Whiskey from claiming Ellery.

This ranch specializes in something a little out of the norm… Warning: This ain’t your daddy’s ranch. Contains cowboys administering sexual therapy to frustrated ladies—and each other. Fresh batteries recommended. You’re gonna need ’em! The best selling series is hitting you with books 8-13. If you love steamy romance, cowboys and all the action and adventure, this box set is your next 1-click! Featured Full-Length Novels: Cowboy By Candlelight, The Boot Knocker’s Baby, Ropin’ A Romeo, Winning Wyoming, Bedroom Rodeo, & Stud Ranch.

Billionaire Game with the Firefighter. She’s a blaze in a world of ice and I’m a billionaire playing with fire. The fearless firefighter and I clash like sparks. My family pressures me to settle down. I plan a fake relationship. But the flames between us grow hotter and a passionate kiss changes everything. Just when I think I’ve got it all under control, the past returns, threatening everything. I’ll risk it all for her, even if it means facing the firestorm that follows.

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