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Baby Surprise for the Billionaire: That night, I had no clue the handsome man was my best friend’s rich brother. Now, he’s my grumpy boss and I’m keeping a big secret—our baby. In the office, he’s like ice, every cold word stings. But when we’re alone, he’s warm, pulling me close. It’s a risky game of back and forth. I want to play with the fire but don’t want to be burned.

Falling for My Damaged Billionaire: After one unforgettable night, nothing can tear me away from my best friend’s damaged billionaire brother, my bossy boss. His toned, sculpted form is a breathtaking sight all women want. Yet, we’re fire and ice. He sees me as a rebel, challenging his every command. But when disaster strikes and we crash, he claims me with raw dominance. Loving a PTSD-plagued ex-SEAL is a dangerous game. But I’m all in, whether it’s one night or one lifetime.

Falling for a Dangerous Billionaire: He’s a brooding billionaire, my brother’s best friend, and the father of the baby I’m secretly carrying. After a night that touched my soul, we’re entangled in danger and secrets. He pushes me away. Yet rushes to my rescue when I’m kidnapped. Should I give him a second chance? My mind says NO, but my heart screams YES. 

I committed the ultimate betrayal. Instead of helping my best friend’s daughter, I claimed her innocence and got her pregnant. After a few years I had gone back to visit my lifelong friend. By then, I had built my tech empire in NYC and was in search for a special-needs-nanny for my 3-year-old daughter suffering from selective mutism. My friend suggested his daughter, a childhood education graduate. The unspoken rule was obvious; keep my hands off his daughter. But then I laid eyes on her… She was the one whose legs were wrapped around me just the night before. And the one whose luscious body I had wildly devoured. She’s half my age and every man’s dirty fantasy. I tried keeping my distance, but she was like a wildfire consuming my self-control. And the only person to bring my daughter’s smile and speech back. Now she is pregnant, and I will stop at nothing to claim her as mine, even if it means losing my best friend.

Mountain Man’s Baby Surprise: My old high school crush is my boss, my unexpected roommate – And now my Baby Daddy… He’s Alex Mason. The mysterious billionaire with a body that screams trouble and a beard that’s pure sin. Room-less during spring break, he ends up in mine, promising it’s just for one night. He rocked that bed – and my world. And now I’ve got to tell Mr. “It’s-just-casual” that he’s going to be a daddy.

Dr. Grump’s Baby Surprise: I never thought I’d see my billionaire one-night stand again, Until I moved next door to him. Dr. Alpha-hole, with his surgeon’s hands and single dad heart, has me breaking all my “no neighbors in bed” rules. He’s used to stitching hearts, not warming them. But now he’s prescribing me a dose of unexpected cravings. I know he’s in it for the thrill. But what happens when he finds out I’m pregnant.

Tempting Grump Next Door: I’m back to claim my best friend’s little sister. And I’m going to cross all lines to get her… A decade later, with billionaire swagger, I’m here to reignite an old flame that never really extinguished. Miranda thinks I’m a changed man, But I’m ready to show her some things only get hotter with time. After all, some fires never die…they just need a little reigniting.

My toughest PR challenge yet- pretending to be engaged to a brooding billionaire doctor. It should have been a simple trip to my hometown for a business deal. Somehow, I find myself in desperate need of a fake fiance to secure a major client. Calling Dr. Alex to the rescue. We’ve always clashed. He’s always seen me as a trouble-causing tomboy. I’ve always seen him as my brother’s clingy best friend. Fast forward to today. I’m all grown up and still feisty as hell. He’s Mr. Grumpy, but damn, a lot sexier than I remember. To my surprise, Alex agrees to the charade, and I’m shocked to find my fake fiance is a single dad. Sparks fly as we play lovers to win my client, revealing a chemistry neither of us anticipated. And the more we pretend, the harder it becomes to deny our attraction. I was determined to climb the career ladder, but now, I’m craving more than just professional success. Now, I’m yearning for Alex in ways I never saw coming.

When Rachel starts her new job at Noxbi, she expects to be a screenwriter. Instead, she finds herself as the personal assistant to the grumpy bachelor CEO, Eric Ronald. Eric is dissatisfied by his company’s lack of success and has no interest in women—until he meets Rachel. It’s love at first sight for him, but there’s a catch: Rachel wears a wedding band. What Eric doesn’t know is that Rachel is a widow, unable to remove her wedding ring as she grieves the loss of her husband. Her nine-year-old daughter is her sunshine and continues to bring joy into her life. Despite her personal struggles, Rachel excels in her job and pulls Eric out of a tight spot, transforming the company’s fortunes. When Eric is invited to Rachel’s birthday party, there’s a turn of events in the small town of Berryview. Does Rachel have feelings for Eric, or will he just be her grumpy boss forever?

When a billionaire CEO walks into a bakery, he gets more than a sweet treat, he now has a fake girlfriend. I never expected a simple favor for my grandfather to turn my world upside down. One minute I’m focused on my company, the next I’m playing the role of Piper’s devoted boyfriend. Small-town chaos and wedding planning mayhem ensue, but being by her side feels right, even if it’s all pretend. As I help her with her bakery and get entangled in her family drama, I start to question what I truly want. This fake relationship has become all too real, and I’m not sure I’m ready to let go. Maybe this structured life of mine needs a little chaos—and a whole lot of Piper.

What do you do when your father is trying to steal your inheritance? Enter into a marriage of convenience, of course! You’re probably wondering how a free-spirited girl like myself ended up in this situation. Well, it’s simple. I needed money after my father cut me off. So I decided to claim what is rightfully mine. There’s just a catch… First things first — I have to find a husband. Thankfully, my long-time ‘friend’, Derek, is more than happy to play the role of my fake fiancé. Before I knew it, though, he was relocating cities, moving into my house, and planning our very real wedding. He exceeds my exceptions twofold for a guy who never wanted to settle down himself. After that? Produce an heir. How do I convince my friend to have a baby with me, you ask? Well, that was a lot easier than you think. He kind of, sort of, already knocked me up, long before our fake engagement had even begun… That leaves just one final task — convince everyone we’re in love. Sure, we got on well enough, but would they believe years of friendship and intimacy transformed into something more? Surprisingly, they do… Hell, even I believe it. That right there becomes the problem. Falling in love with my baby daddy isn’t an option. Once the inheritance arrives, the gig is up. That was our arrangement…unless he doesn’t want to end things, either.

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