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According to town gossip, I’m a grumpy mountain man. They are right. What I am not is a beach Barbie babysitter. Yet, that is exactly what is going to happen. After 10 years as an Army Ranger, all I want is the peace I find in my mountain cabin. Winter is approaching. I’m looking forward to long hours of reading in front of the fire. What I am not expecting. My best friend asking me to safeguard the woman who means the world to him. All winter long. She is gorgeous. Fashionable. Way too bubbly. AND… from the city. There are so many reasons why this woman is off-limits. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her. I won’t lose my heart to the only woman who has ever made me want more. She is heartbreak wrapped in a dark red bow. I don’t believe in happily ever afters. Do I?

He thought he had it all; until he met her. Max was living his best life, focused on success. Until a trip to a small town changes everything. He is desperate to find his lost dog, Titan. Instead, he finds the woman who awakens his cold, jaded heart. Ellen never imagined herself with another man after her husband died. Meeting Max reignites her heart. Confusion and grief swirl as she tries to process her feelings. A second chance at love has come if she is willing to risk it all with an older man. Can a big-city millionaire find contentment in the small town he left behind? Will fear and grief stand in the way of true love, or will two lonely souls claim their happily ever after?

Be careful when flying over the mountains. You might meet the love of your life. My head is in the clouds and my heart is spinning out of control. Thrown off course by terrifying turbulence, a gorgeous, sexy older mountain man pilot finds ways to take my mind off the stress and takes care of everything on our sudden detour. Including finding us a bed to share. With others, he’s grouchy. Surly. He refuses to stay in one place long enough to settle in. Yet I’ve never felt so drawn to a man. So aroused that I’m losing control, needing Riggs to take over and teach me everything. I’m supposed to be focused on getting into university and getting out from under my father’s thumb. But am I strong enough to keep my focus? Or will our physical desire and Riggs’ dominant protectiveness overrule all logic?

When a billionaire CEO walks into a bakery, he gets more than a sweet treat, he now has a fake girlfriend. I never expected a simple favor for my grandfather to turn my world upside down. One minute I’m focused on my company, the next I’m playing the role of Piper’s devoted boyfriend. Small-town chaos and wedding planning mayhem ensue, but being by her side feels right, even if it’s all pretend. As I help her with her bakery and get entangled in her family drama, I start to question what I truly want. This fake relationship has become all too real, and I’m not sure I’m ready to let go. Maybe this structured life of mine needs a little chaos—and a whole lot of Piper.

A renowned archeologist rarely visits her cozy hometown, because she’s secretly crushing on the sheriff. But a string of danger brings them together to unravel a century-old mystery involving a missing heiress. Bliss Hawling has been in love with Sheriff Gil Remington since their silly first kiss in high school. Someone dares him to do it, so it’s mostly a joke — to everyone but her. A few years later, he marries someone else. Now he’s a widower. After the funeral, she plans to leave town again and never return. However, Gil arm twists her into coming back for one last visit. The town council needs her to identify DNA markers for two sets of mummified remains to determine if there’s a living heir to an unclaimed fortune from one of their founding families. But the unexpected danger the assignment stirs isn’t something a woman in love can simply walk away from.

She was the beautiful chorus to a hit song I hadn’t written yet. My spotlight was already beginning to fade. The success of my first album was dimmed by the lukewarm reception of the second. If my third album didn’t shine, my career was over. Cassie appeared with a sparkle I’d never seen before. She was an adorable little pixie, dropping her fairy dust onto every song I wrote. I was hooked on her sexy energy when I tasted those soft berry lips. She was more than a muse. Much more than a younger, gorgeous woman I couldn’t stop touching. She was a treasure that I needed to protect. She swore that the touring life wasn’t for her, but there must be a way to help her see that the stage lights were what she needed. If Cassie could make me see that collaboration (and instant love) was possible, I had to convince her that we belonged together – at home, on tour, everywhere.

A sous chef is trained to work with fire. But with this outrageously arrogant alpha, the fire wants to burn. I fully intended to finish my culinary residency in Chicago until my grandmother had a stroke. But now, I am a sous chef under one of the culinary masters in New York City. Hunter Thomas is a wealthy rising star with a thick blond mane, bright blue eyes, and bulging muscles that no chef shirt could hide. It’s a shame his grumpy personality doesn’t match the charm he’s got going. Heat starts flowing as we work together for the prize at a food festival. He makes me feel like I’m the dough, and only his hands can do the kneading. When we went this far, I knew I would fall for him with no turning back. The judge announces that we win first prize for our recipes including my Spanish cuisine. When he takes all the credit, I end the romance, and now he wants to fix it. My head remembers the burn, but my heart remembers the fire.

In the tranquil world of literature and education, Sarah Van der Merwe finds solace and passion. But when a groundbreaking AI-powered educational app introduced by Alex De Klerk, a visionary tech entrepreneur, threatens to transform her beloved traditional teaching methods, Sarah’s peaceful life is thrown into uncertainty. Having recently healed from a painful betrayal, Sarah is wary of any disruption—especially one as impersonal and invasive as technology. Meanwhile, Alex, a man celebrated for his innovations, confronts unexpected ethical dilemmas stirred by his latest venture. Destiny brings Sarah and Alex together at the Constantia Corner Café, an enchanting haven of coffee aromas and intimate conversations. Over steaming cups of cappuccino and fleeting looks, a delicate yet undeniable spark forms between them. Their budding relationship, both fiery and fragile, is tested by the pressures of societal expectations and the shadows of their pasts. As they explore the depths of their lives and vulnerabilities, they encounter challenges that serve as obstacles and pathways to deeper understanding. Sarah, guarding a tender heart, and Alex, in search of meaning and redemption, discover in each other the potential for a profound connection. Will Sarah find the strength to embrace a future where technology enhances tradition? Can Alex afford to lay his heart on the line for a love that transcends logic? 

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