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A war is brewing between love and duty…which shall triumph? Alex: I am Alexandru, the ruler of the Lupu clan. I’ve always followed in my father’s footsteps, to be the perfect head of the family, the perfect son and brother, the perfect man. After years of conflict with a rival family, my little sister is contracted to marry their son and bring peace. But when the bride runs away and threatens the truce, I need to convince her best friend, Nina, to help me track her down. Arranged marriages are common in my world and doing my duty has never been a problem. Until now. Nina’s an outsider. She’s forbidden. But she’s the only woman I want. Nina: I’ve been in love with Alex for as long as I can remember. I admire how he strives to follow in his father’s footsteps. He strives to be the perfect man. He is all that and more. His sister is gone, and I’m duty bound to help him track her down. I know he wants me, but the boss of the Lupu clan would never break with tradition. The tradition in question? An arranged marriage with a mafia princess. As our chemistry heats up, a soldier’s irreparable mistake starts a war that can only be stopped with Alex’s ultimate sacrifice. Marrying your own kind is the primal rule that reigns over his world, but as we uncover secrets, we learn that his perfect father may not have been so perfect after all… 

My mother and I were given this trip to Ireland when a last-minute injury sidelines my grandma. It’s the chance to learn where I came from, Grandpa tells me. But when my purse is stolen at the end of our trip, I can’t leave Ireland. Without a passport, they won’t let me on the plane. I’m stuck here. Eagan O’Brien is the sexy pub owner that I’ve been flirting with all week and he steps in to help. Offering me his apartment is more than I could’ve expected and I try to flip that kindness into my first successful one-night stand. Getting a replacement passport isn’t each and I end up having to stay two more weeks. Two more weeks of Eagan O’Brien. I’m not sure that one night with him is enough.

He’s a billionaire with everything he desires…except the woman he wants most. She’s his best friend, personal assistant, and off limits. Until one night and a positive pregnancy test changes everything. Jordan Greene, the housekeeper’s daughter, is the only woman who can handle billionaire Linc Kingston and his bossy ways. She’s also his lifelong best friend. No matter how hot the attraction between them simmers, there are lines she knows better than to cross. When Linc is gutted by lies and family secrets, Jordan’s comfort ends with a sensual night in bed and a surprise he never expected. Getting his personal assistant pregnant makes him too much like the father he despises, and his initial reaction may cost him everything he loves.

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