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I had a one-night stand with Natalie, a girl who’s half my age. Now I must protect her at all costs. In this small town, I keep running into her… accidentally, at first. I’m on a case and cannot get involved… but will break all my rules to save her. Each time we meet, we fall into each other’s arms. Our chemistry ignites, flames erupting beneath the sheets, and I find myself falling for her like molten lava. The taste of her lips on mine is to die for. She confides in me, revealing a chilling truth: her controlling ex is out to find her and keep her for himself. She’s told me why she’s so scared, but I’m afraid to tell her my truth. What she doesn’t know is that I was hired by her ex to find her.

Penelope: I live a sheltered existence, locked in a gilded cage and unaware of the dark bargain that sealed my fate before I was even born. Promised to Mammon, the demon of greed, by my father in exchange for wealth and power, my innocence becomes the currency of a twisted deal. But when I’m forced wed to Mammon, I discover an unexpected love I never could have imagined, igniting a forbidden passion amidst the shadows of my father’s betrayal. Mammon is protective, growly, and drop-dead gorgeous, revealing his softer side only to me. But as my bond with my otherworldly husband deepens, ominous whispers of Lucifer’s discontent with our match echo through the darkness, threatening to unravel our fragile happiness. Caught between the desires of two powerful beings, I must navigate a treacherous path, where the line between love and damnation blurs. Can I defy the forces that seek to control my destiny, or will I succumb to a fate predetermined by the sins of my father?

Eva, a fearless journalist, narrowly escapes when she witnesses a brutal mobster killing. Her former lover and mafia boss, Dante has her abducted and brought to his luxurious Bahamas mansion for protection. After Dante refuses to let Eva leave, she has no choice but to make the best of things and reluctantly finds herself drawn back into the charms of Dante. As they spend time together on the island, their connection becomes undeniable. But as Eva and Dante rekindle their past affair, Eva goes missing and even Dante might be unable to save her this time.

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